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Questions re thrush

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charx Tue 16-Jun-09 14:24:42

Hi - was wondering if you could help with my Questions

I've been diagnosed with thrush - not surprising really: antibiotics after c-section, cracked nipples, hot, humid weather - deep breast pain.

Anyway I've been given Fluconazole 50mg over 7 days. on day 2.
DD has not been given anything - Doc said we all have an inate amount of Thrush in us and doesn't want to upset new baby's balance (she's 10 days old).

I've been mostly expressing due to extremely painful cracked nipples - which then resolved into charming thrush.


Should I insist DD gets treated?

I bought some Grapefruit Seed extract - should I use that inside DD's mouth? If so how?

Anybody recommend Gentian Violet for DD?

Am taking high dose of acidophillus.

Oh and should I give DD sxpressed BMilk while being treated or should throw it away and give formula?

Any other tips?

turtle23 Tue 16-Jun-09 14:42:43

Have a look here
The recommended dosage is a loading dose of 150mg, followed by 50-100mgTWICE DAILY for 10 days.
I AM NOT A DR I can only tell you what happened with me. I did not get the appropriate dosage at first and my thrush was unbearable. It is hideous and I feel for you.
If it makes you feel any better, babies can safely be given up to 6mg a day (MG that is) and only .6mg gets through breastmilk a day.

charx Tue 16-Jun-09 21:02:33

okay - next question is can you/should you use lasinoh while you are suffering from thrush or does it make it worse?

turtle23 Wed 17-Jun-09 06:20:27

So sorry, forgot to try to answer other questions...
DD should definitely be treated or there is no point whatsoever in you being treated.

The expressed milk needs to be dumped, I'm afraid. Any bottles and pumping equipment/dummies etc. should all be double sterilised as they are contaminated.

Please don't give will affect your supply if you want to continue breastfeeding. Have you had your latch checked to be sure she's on there correctly?

You can use lansinoh, but it is better to keep them dry if possible. If you can, keep them out in the breeze all day long.

Are your nipples healing at all?

chimchar Wed 17-Jun-09 06:41:51

you poor love.

my dd had oral thrush at a few weeks old. she was given daktarin oral gel. i was told to put it on my nipples too. she carried on feeding (but no cracked nipples <<ouch!>>) and it cleared quite quickly..

hope you're feeling better soon. be kind to sound like you've been through the mill. x

charx Wed 17-Jun-09 08:50:29

Hi Turtle - had my latch checked by BF specialist - its now much better - or as good as it can be with her small mouth my large nipple combo?!

Okay - will speak re my DD getting treated too. But Does anyone know if I can get Daktarin Oral gel not on prescription so I can just buy the stuff rather than waiting for my soonest doc appointment (Monday!).

I was a bit unclear - because I'm still expressing - and I didn't have a 'stockpile' beforehand. Should I throw newly expressed stuff away (Still expressing due to extremely sore cracked nipple on one boob). I'm happy to give her a bit of formula for a few days while I express (to keep up demand) and chuck it away if necessary.

Have double sterilised equipment - Milton and boiling.

Anyone tried Grapefruit Seed Extract or Gentian Violet?

Thanks all - you're all so much help and its very much appreciated!

turtle23 Wed 17-Jun-09 09:49:10

Daktarin gel is available w/o prescription. It isn't supposed to be used for babies under three (?) months (can't remember exactly) now because of supposed choking hazard (eg putting huge globs of it in can choke a baby.) So tell pharmacist that DD is older. Just make sure you use it properly(spreading thin layer.)

turtle23 Wed 17-Jun-09 09:50:38

BTW- Am unclear as to when you can start using expressed milk, but if it were me I'd wait til you are both clear as it is so easy to reinfect.
Never used either of those things so can't help I'm afraid.

completelyabsolutely Wed 17-Jun-09 11:59:27

If you are expressing and then feeding dd with that milk straight away then I think it is fine - the problem with expressed milk lies when you start stockpiling it and then feeding it at a later date - thrush is a hardy little blighter and I think can survive being frozen, then you just re-infect dd from the stored milk and then probably yourself from dd.

Does this make sense? Also you will need to be extra careful with sterilising any equipment so that you are not re-infecting yourself that way but I think that is the only problem with expressing.

I'm sure someone with more knowledge will come along soon though.

If you do a search under thrush and bicarb you might find some more useful info - I know vinegar is a good thing for helping as well but with cracked nipples that would be the last thing on earth that would be going near them! I think you can use a bicarb solution to wipe over your nipples after feeding and in dd's mouth as well.

Hope you feel better soon.

charx Wed 17-Jun-09 20:50:20

Thanks guys!
I'm heading to my mum's soon to introduce her to her GD and was worried that this all wouldn't have cleared up. (mum not at all well and don't need the agro). Luckily a Dr friend has written me private prescription (because I'll be away for a few days and 8hrs away from GP).
She followed guidelines from Elizabeth Thompson BF Advisor at St Georges Hospital, London in a handout she has.
Which advises Fluconazole 400mg first does then 200mgs daily for 14 days.
FYI generic Fluconazole much much cheaper than branded drug on private and is costing me £7 (okay so a NHS one is free - but right now I just need to crack on!)

Also now treating DD.

Am so not prepared to wait and see if 50mg does the job and for the whole resolving of this thrush milarkey to continue endlessly or until I give up Bfeeding.

So thanks all for your support and GO MN!

Lotster Wed 17-Jun-09 21:29:17

Ooh, Elizabeth was my BF counsellor, lovely lady! Can I just add, make a paste from the powder from one of your acidophilus capsules and breast milk or water. Smear it on your nipples and leave it to dry. I found it really helpful. Don't remove before feeding and baby will get some too.

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