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either she's having a grwoth spurt or there's something wrong with my washing machine!

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mrsjuan Tue 16-Jun-09 09:10:19

Is it possib;e for babies to grow visibly in a matter of days? Clothes my 4 week old was wearing on Saturday now only just fit and she seems to have grown much longer!

She's been feeding tonnes for the last 4 days now. If it is a growth spurt, how long will it last?

I can't wait to have her weighed on Wednesday - I'm finally feeling confident that I'm feeding her enough so hope it shows on the scales!

DLI Tue 16-Jun-09 19:09:23

my ds when he was little seemed to have a growing spurt every three months and i had to go out and buy all new clothes, great for an excuse to shop but it cost me a fortune. this lasted for the first couple of years and now its not so frequent. He is now five and a couple of weeks ago he went on holiday with his grandparents. he fit into all his clothes when he went away but when he came back i had to go out and and buy him all new trousers because his were all too short!

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