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Wind? Digestion? Peristalisis..2AM/3AM - Aptimal First Baby - 13WKS, 13 pound baby

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rainbowrosie Tue 16-Jun-09 07:57:39

Good morning i am back still perplexed..

Rosie is having a great dream feed at 11pm of 6.5 ounzes

Then is waking at 2am/'3am all gripey and bit windy/farty

I really strongly think she is not hungry

She is still taking a middle of the night feed around 4-5/30am sometime like that

as well as breakfast at 7am - which is not finishing so heading towards her completing breakfast and cutting down middle of the night

BUT this weird 2am/3am windy thing is bit dull especially as i am on my own for the next 7weeks..

anyone experienced this - OR know a way to assist the wind at the dream feed????

mmmm think i will talk to aptimal as well

thanking youse!

AnarchyAunt Tue 16-Jun-09 08:03:40

When you say 'breakfast' do you mean milk or actual food?

She might still need a night feed. They can't really separate 'need' from 'want' at this age and so if she is drinking the milk its likely that she does need it.

As far as wind goes, DD used to wake up at 5am to fart and squirm (lazy non-winding co-sleeper) and then drop off again. Seemed like it just took a certain amount of time to work its way through and I'm not sure if that can be speeded up.

rainbowrosie Tue 16-Jun-09 10:15:20

Hi AnarchyAunt - thanks for reply - breakfast is milk

I think she does still need a night feed as she is probably growing - so the 4am/5am thing is cool

its the fart grumble 2am/3am i am trying to work out

interestingly aptimal representative said - that because rosies dream feed was really fast - it takes about 10mins! ..that she might need to slow down - it might be the speed that is causing her griping/wind around 2am/3am

so i am going to try to use a smaller size 1 teat on this feed and see what happens

its just typical this happens right when i am on my own for a wee while...but bless the babies wink

mrsflux Tue 16-Jun-09 13:27:02

i'm assuming you are winding after her dream feed?

even if DS is fast asleep milk drunk i still hoist him on to my shoulder and pat his bum. sometimes i get a burp, sometimes not but do hear bubbles popping in his tummy! maybe that'll help? i know some books say dream feed should be as minimal involvement as possible but our DS NEEDS winding!

rainbowrosie Tue 16-Jun-09 18:10:24

evening, mrs flux - thanks

yes will try a mixture of infacol, smaller teat and winding and fingers crossed


Wheelybug Tue 16-Jun-09 20:23:38

Hi. I have a 13 week-er and getting exactly this - waking at 2 am ish farting (her not me !). I too do a dream feed at 1030 ish.

Am mostly breastfeeding though so can't change teat size but I do find she doesn't actually burp at night as she's sleepy which I guess is the problem. Tonight I am going to drop the dreamfeed as she never seems that into the idea (and sometimes won't take any, anyway) and see what happens. Gulp.

mrsflux Wed 17-Jun-09 08:43:49

wheelybug - how did the dream feed go?

when we stopped waking him for a feed he dropped it by himself in a couple of days! it was LUSH!

rainbowrosie - how's the wind? wink

rainbowrosie Wed 17-Jun-09 08:46:49

Morning wheelybug - be interested to see how you got on & that you were experiencing this breastfeeding i just thought that bottle meant more wind....i wonder how long your baby slept after dropping the dream feed ..

last night seemed to be a success! -we bypassed the 2am/3am and hit 4.45am which is great as that is the time we were feeding 5amish ..before the 2am wind/gripey thing

i have a strong feeling it was infacol - could be the teat, however it felt like it was still a quick feed regardless....

anyway lets see if we get 2 nights in a row

its all about the wind in this household

Wheelybug Wed 17-Jun-09 13:43:04

Well, best laid plans and all that - DD2 woke herself at 1030. Mind you, she wasn' too bothered about feeding - had a little bit which got her back to sleep. But she did burp ! But she still woke at two-ish and five-ish.

Just had jabs today so it might be even worse for a couple of nights - sigh !

rainbowrosie Wed 17-Jun-09 15:13:57

hi wheelybug

you might get away without any worries about the jabs - we had no probs at all

also i was thinking that in with all the wind that rosie has had all today as well lovely crying fits for 40mins - 13wks is classic growth spurt time - i think every 6 weeks so week 12 is growth and it takes a week as well

so that might be part of the whole 2am waking..the joys the joys

rainbowrosie Thu 18-Jun-09 06:54:47

Well wheelybugs if it makes you feel any better - we had a total crying wind festival yesterday - worst day not sure why but it was hard work and went into the night as well

i gave rosie the dream feed - but with the teat size 2 instead of 1 by mistake - she took the feed in about 10mins flat - and lo and behold 3am grumble grumble

so will see tonight if i can get it right and that it is the speed of feed that adds to the wind...

not very helpful if you did it go last night

your sleepily

Wheelybug Thu 18-Jun-09 17:31:43

Hi rainbowrosie - Well We didn't wake dd for a feed at 11 nor did she wake herself (she had a grumble, although didn't open her eyes, about 9ish but I rubbed her tummy a bit and that sent her back off). Then she woke as usual at 2 and 5. But, means she did do a 6.5 hour stint so if only I'd gone to bed at 7.30 I'd be feeling great smile.

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