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Enfamil O-Lac and constipation in four month old - HELP!!!

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Bmum1 Mon 15-Jun-09 16:33:01


My baby has been having various feeding problems since birth. I finally took him to a paediatric gastroenterologist last week who put him on Enfamil O-Lac (lactose free formula). This seems to have solved the feeding problems, but he is now really constipated to the extent that he bleeds a little when he poos because it's so hard.

What should I do? Will he settle down on this formula, or should I look for an alternative. He seems much happier on the lactose free formula, but I am worried about his poos being quite so hard.


tiktok Mon 15-Jun-09 16:52:06

This sounds like a good question to ask the doc, I think....just call him on the phone and say what the problem is, leaving a message if he isnt there.

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