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how to get breast feeder on to bottle

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donnacb Wed 11-May-05 15:08:24

my ds is 6 months will not take a bottle. i enjoy brest feeding but sometimes is restricting on time foe me etc. Is it worth just trying to get him onto a cup. i dont go back to work until he is 10 months. any help or experiences most welcome.

loujay Wed 11-May-05 15:17:41

Hi, I had the same issue with my DD and the only advice I can give you is to keep trying, try different teats on the bottle (my DD has eventually stuck with the NUK one) and at some stage he will take it!!
I have to say that my DP tried for what seemed like forever to get DD to take a bottle and she refused time and time again and not quietly, so in the end I left it for a few weeks and then one night when she woke for a feed I put a room temperature bottle in her mouth while she was still half asleep - she had some and then realise and wanted me!! This went on for a while, sometimes me sometimes a bottle and thenshe just decided that she didnt want me any more.
Good luck, keep with it, all kids do everything in their own time, despite our best intentions!!

CoveredInDribble Wed 11-May-05 15:27:52

Hi, just plain dogged perseverance worked for us I'm afraid, though ds was younger when we started - not sure if that makes a difference. When we were trying to get ds onto bottles, it was dp that was giving them, rather than me, and I tended to leave the room, so I wasn't a distraction. We just made sure the milk was warm (but not too warm obv) and did find it was a bit easier if ds was sleepy and just going through the motions as it were - it took a few attempts, and we stopped if he got upset but he got there in the end - don't remember it taking too long (jeez, ds is only 7 months, so this was only 4 months ago and I've forgotten already!).

donnacb Wed 11-May-05 15:32:27

We tried giving a bottle from 4 weeks old and he would take some but at 6 weeks refused. Kept perservering but every time he saw hubby he cried so gave up or made himself throw up. Have been sent nuk teats so will give them ago. R u guys using a cup yet??

hercules Wed 11-May-05 18:59:13

playtex system was the only bottle dd would take. It has a weird shape teat and is great for bf babies.

rumplestiltskin Wed 11-May-05 21:20:48

my dd was like this. we picked a feed that dh could do every day e.g. before bed and he fed her from the bottle. initially she just screamed and i would have to come in and feed her after about 3 days she drank enough to satisfy her imediate hunger and i topped her up, and then eventually she took a whole bottle. dh warmed the teat in hot water so it wasn't cold and also shook the bottle in her mouth so some milk came out and she eventually got the hang of it. i had to hide in the garden or go to the neighbours as i couldn't bear it but as least she can now go andstay with granny and grandad overnight.

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