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Best bottle for a BF baby, and other questions

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MegBusset Sat 13-Jun-09 21:46:57

DS2 is 6 weeks and EBF, am thinking of trying him on a bottle so that I can go out to the pub with friends and leave DH a bottle in case DS2 needs a feed in the evening.

DS1 never had a bottle so it's all a bit of a mystery to me, can anyone recommend which kind of bottle/teat to try?

Also what temperature do you give EBM at? Do I need a bottle warmer, or what?

Finally, how much would I need to express for one feed? He is a big (13lb) and hungry chap...

amberatkins Sat 13-Jun-09 22:50:10

We introduced a bottle with just 3oz in it each day, at first she wasn't great at taking it but now its part of her bed routine. She has the bottle everyday and so she is familiar with it and it only took about a week or so for her to get good at taking it.

Sorry, no help on the expressing front, it never really worked for me despite buying about 4 pumps!

amberatkins Sat 13-Jun-09 22:50:39

Meant to say, we use Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature bottles.

NaccetyMac Sat 13-Jun-09 22:56:31

I am having some success with a Lansinoh pump. We use NUK bottles and latex teats. DS2 takes about 5-6 oz for a feed of ebm - he's 23 weeks and 19lb. has a useful calculator for how much your baby probably takes at each feed.


MegBusset Sun 14-Jun-09 14:05:56

Thank you.

Quick bump in case anyone can tell me what temperature I should serve the EBM at

mrsflux Sun 14-Jun-09 16:42:01

we use tommee tippee closer to nature and didn't have any issues with nipple confusion. he'd happily switch from boob to bottle and back.

we put botttle of EBM in bowl of hot water and warmed it up so that it was same temperature as wrist. we thought that was probably as closer to body temp as possible.

now though he's happy to drink formula at room temp so maybe it doesn't matter?

cookielove Sun 14-Jun-09 16:44:02

when you test the milk on your wrist you should just be able to feel wet instead of a temp

mrsflux Sun 14-Jun-09 16:48:15

yeah cookielove that's what i meant - just couldn't explain it as well as that!

cookielove Sun 14-Jun-09 16:50:55

just trying to help smile

MegBusset Sun 14-Jun-09 18:51:44

Thank you

elkiedee Sun 14-Jun-09 19:43:42

Don't know the answer to how warm it should be, but if you feel it should be warmed up a small jug or container of hot water should do just as well as a bottle warmer. dp bought a bottle warmer with our ds1 and I decided that since we hadn't used it in a year of formula feeding, we were unlikely to need it even if I didn't succeed in bf ds2 either. So I gave it away on freecycle.

nannynz Sun 14-Jun-09 21:18:50

My current six week old charge has 150mls of EBM at a full feed. We're using the Medela bottles as they fit the expressor the Mum uses and the bottles are BPA free. I don't think the bottles are as good as the MAM but they're working at the moment. To heat I boil the kettle and then drop the bottle in a jug with the hot water, it takes about 20 minutes to heat.

dorisbonkers Mon 15-Jun-09 10:56:27

I'd exclusively bf until 6-1/2 months and discovered to my dismay (but not surprise) that my baby wouldn't take a bottle.

I tried a range (TT Back to Nature, Avent, Pigeon, MAM, Medela) but only found the NUK latex teat to be acceptable.

It took persistence -- over a week but now at 7 months she has a bottle most evenings. In fact, a Doidy now. You could try a cup as well?

I had the milk warmer than you think you need

Shanster Wed 17-Jun-09 01:48:59

MAM bottles are the only ones my DD will take. I have been expressing with a Medela double electric. I pump twice a day at work and get about 15-18 ounces a day. I have been back at work since DD was 12 weeks - back then she took about 3-4 4oz bottles a day, now she has 3x6oz bottles. I thought it would be difficult to work FT and keep breastfeeding, but it has been surprisingly easy. If you are going to pump regularly, get a hands free bra. Oh, and milk at room temp works best for my wee one.

kansaswelshgirl Wed 17-Jun-09 04:17:35

I am having a really hard time getting my baby to take a bottle. I formula fed my first baby due to unresolvable latching problems and...I loved formula feeding! I am 4 months into breastfeeding now because I do think it's better (though how much better I am not sure) but I desperately want to give the occasional bottle. When people say they persisted, what do you mean? Did your baby scream their head off? Did you miss a feed if they wouldn't take the bottle? I typically don't give in very easily but I am having a hard time seeing her so distraught.

mrsfossil Wed 17-Jun-09 13:28:52

hello any ideas? my 10 wk old dd doesn't like taking a bottle. I am sucessfully breast feeding and expressing but she doesn't seem to know what to do with the teat. Iv'e tried tommee tippee and medala bottles. She is a bit better with a faster flowing teat, but after about 30 mins she only has 1 0z so i end up chucking the rest. I would like her to be able to take a bottle feed so i can go out in 2 weeks time.

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