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Have intro'd 1 FF a day for 6m old - could this have sodded up my supply completely?

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TrudyVotion Sat 13-Jun-09 18:28:02

I thought that if I gave DS, coming up 6 months, one FF a day and BF on demand the rest of the day (and night!), my body would just drop milk production by the amount of one feed and have my usual sloshing gallons available the rest of the time.

Last couple of days though DS has been very fussy on the boob and waking for three night feeds, which I've given him. Usually FF is at bedtime (it's the time of day I'm most likely to be elsewhere with DD's school stuff, concerts etc, been loads recently, so I don't want lack of boob to be an issue at bedtime and don't always manage to express well, and DS likes Aptamil shock), but I gave him 4oz of formula earlier when he was plainly hungry but flailing around on the boob and getting cross, and he sank it straight off. I knew I'd be out this afternoon (DD's stuff again) so I expressed, but only got 2.5 oz, my worst ever. Have previously managed 6oz fairly easily. Anyway, DS was then hungry again and as I was on empty, I fed him the 2.5oz of EBM which went down a treat. Of course though that meant no EBM for while I was out this afternoon, so DH authorised SD to give him formula, and he necked 7oz. I've just given DS as much boob as he wanted at bedtime and he fed, but I get the impression he doesn't like it when the easy flow stops, and it seems to stop quite soon.

I've obviously brought this all on myself sad I do need to ensure DS will take a bottle and I'm very happy to express myself silly if it will up my supply, but I'm surprised that replacing one feed with formula and then getting my boobs out three times overnight could still result in reduced supply. Am I imagining it? Is it just easier for DS to slurp from a bottle and possibly he prefers it? Is it all because I had a bottle of beer last night??!

I went on the POP about 10 days ago and everything was fine til yesterday - if it was that wouldn't it have started having an effect earlier? Am also assured POP isn't a problem and doc knows I'm still BF and want to continue BF.

Oh help, please!

TrudyVotion Sat 13-Jun-09 18:35:36

Just to add, having read it elsewhere, my periods returned today and I wonder if that could be part of the problem?

PartOfTheHumphreysGroup Sat 13-Jun-09 18:46:25

my supply seemed to drop when i went on the POP too.. I ended up on domperidone.

I did mention it to my doctor, but she dismissed the pill factor and said there is only anecdotal evidence to suggest a problem. maybe they should investigate all these anecdotes!

SweetEm Sat 13-Jun-09 19:30:39

Hi Trudy. I found that I had less milk just before my period, so that may be a factor.

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