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mixed feeding - any advice?

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jintygeorge Sat 13-Jun-09 08:59:21

My 8wk old ds is breast fed but for a bottle of formula at 10pm. All is fine but for terrible problems feeding during the night - especially at about 2.30-3am (appears to be impossible to shift wind). Any advice??? I am exhausted as this night feed can last anything up to 2 hrs...

tiktok Sat 13-Jun-09 09:44:50

jintygeorge, do you think the bottle of formula is producing the problems? What makes you think it is wind? Does your baby settle if he comes into bed with you to feed?

jintygeorge Sat 13-Jun-09 10:22:05

Hi tiktok, thanks for your response - I do wonder if the bottle is the problem. I do the night feed in bed and it takes so long because most of the time is spent winding him. He will produce a number of burps - he is very distressed and makes a high pitched squealing noise which usually indicates he's got wind. We have give him a night bottle as we did this with my dd (age 2). If we stopped now, I'm not sure I would have enough milk to feed him myself. He is also very vomity in the night and I am starting to wonder if he has a milk allergy.

tiktok Sat 13-Jun-09 13:16:44

jinty - stopping the formula would not lwave you with a supply problem...quite the opposite. The more often you bf, the more milk you make. Giving formula causes a drop in supply

It sounds like the formula bottle is a lot f trouble and causes your baby distress and causes you to lose sleep.

Seems to me that the easiest thing would be simply to bf him at that time instead?

jintygeorge Sat 13-Jun-09 15:48:20

I think you might be right - I will give it a try tonight and see how we go. Thank you for advice, its hard to see the wood for the trees when you are this tired!!!

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