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Baby due in 2 weeks - suddenly thought about feeding it! What do I need to remember about BF? If first time was fine, does it follow 2nd time will be?

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LovelyTinOfSpam Fri 12-Jun-09 20:39:54

I'm having a section in a fortnight and as I BF DD without any trouble I haven't really thought about the feeding thing!

Can anyone remind me what I might have forgotten? As far as I can remember, you just bung them on when their mouths are open wide and be liberal with the lansinoh...

Is that it? Have I forgotten anything important?

Does anyone know if it goes OK first time whether that is likely 2nd time or is each time different... Last time I had very low expectations and was very pleasantly surprised, I'm worried that this time as I think I know what I'm doing it's all going to go wrong!

kingfix Fri 12-Jun-09 20:45:55

just lurking to learn the same thing - have baxically not prepared for this 2nd baby at all and am slightly worried it will all be a horrible shock...

KittyWalker Fri 12-Jun-09 20:48:44

This time you just need to think about what your DC1 will do when you sit down and feed. I was advised to always make sure I had one arm free for a cuddle (ie. sit at the right end of the sofa IYSWIM) and maybe have a basket of toys that only come out at feeding time. Better to be prepared!

TrudyVotion Fri 12-Jun-09 20:54:21

Hello. No advice to give about technique - I had one that took two weeks of struggle to get the idea (my 1st) and one that had it down pat from the first mouthful - but both were c-sec. The big difference was the with DD we didn't try to feed for several hours post-c-sec, but DS was put to the boob very soon afterwards and we sailed through it. So I would make sure that your LO has the chance to feed as soon as poss after delivery.

Maybe DD would always have found it more awkward, impossible to tell, but IME two children can be very different. DD fed regularly but every 3 hours, whereas DS has gone three hours about once in his 5 1/2 months. I consider going two hours between feeds to be a long stretch! Maybe best to keep an open mind!

Good luck smile

LovelyTinOfSpam Fri 12-Jun-09 20:57:54

That's a very good point kitty. I have tried explaining to DD (nearly 2) that little babies are a bit rubbish and can't crawl or play and just eat and sleep and poo (she's very into poos atm).

Can I not just stick ITNG on when I feed? We discovered it a few weeks ago after steadfastly not doing childrens TV and it was something of an epiphany....

Right. Special feeding toys, maybe sometimes a bit of TV blush, colouring books and things maybe?

kingfix are you going to get your DC1 something from the baby? i am a bit worried about jealousy etc as well.

I haven't even packed a bag or anything yet. Last time at this stage I had read about 16 books and was well on the ball.

kingfix Fri 12-Jun-09 21:13:10

Yes that is one thing I have done! DD1 will be getting a much coveted scooter from the baby. Don't know if it will help though. When's your due date? I'm 26th.
Have also forgotten all about childbirth...

dinkystinky Fri 12-Jun-09 21:23:57

I had DS2 back in February and yes, bfing does come back to you BUT each baby has a different style so you may want to ensure that you find out about local bf support groups/peer supporters before you have your little one (I ended up having to go see them as DS2, born 3 weeks earlier than DS1, was having problems with my fast let down and they were really helpful in suggesting modified feeding styles I could try with him). Lanisoh is a life saver so get some in and some dvds to stick on for your elder kid (Peppa Pig dvds are pretty good as they normally only get a 5 minute shot of them - Charlie & Lola was a hit too). And a present to the elder sibling is a definite hit smile Good luck ladies.

loobylu3 Fri 12-Jun-09 21:34:57

It's much easier second time around so don't worry! Keeping the two year old entertained is harder!

LovelyTinOfSpam Fri 12-Jun-09 22:13:17

dinky thank you! Have sky plussed about 30 episodes of ITNG so far, maybe need to think about other stuff or she will go bananas...

kingfix i'm due on 4 july but having a section a week before that - so not long to go! Had an emcs last time so probably not the best person to talk to about childbirth smile I hope think DD will be OK jealousy-wise but may be a bit too gung ho with helping out IYSWIM. She puts her bear in the moses basket and then throws a load of toys and books on top and tucks it in with the blanket over it's head...

LovelyTinOfSpam Fri 12-Jun-09 22:16:03

And trudy thank you too - I fed in the recovery room last time after emcs - but I am a bit worried that DD was just clued up, and this new one will not be on the ball!

Certainly I will be introducing baby to skin and nip ASAP. Apparently you can have birth planes for elcs - I will ask at appointment next week what they offer in my hosp smile

KittyWalker Fri 12-Jun-09 22:20:00

Don't be blush about the tv, good idea and if you've just discovered ITNG that's great but don't over do it - keep it as a treat so when you sit down and feed and put it on DC1 is not bored by it IYSWIM.

When DS1 arrived the only thing I was doing "wrong" (after successfully bfing DD1) was I was bending over towards the baby rather than bringing the baby to my breast.

How exciting! A baby in 2 weeks! Enjoy him/her smile

I notice you are having a section, remember NOT to pick up your DC1 afterwards. Obvious now but when your DC1 is used to unlimited cuddles it's hard to say no when you are feeling "recovered". After my 3rd section 18 weeks ago the midwife told me not to pick up anything heavier than my baby - I wish someone had said this to me last time smile

kingfix Fri 12-Jun-09 22:36:48

oh I am dim not to have noticed you were scheduled for a cs. Hope it all goes well.
I seem to remember that in the first weeks with DD I just fed her constantly. Can't quite imagine how I'm going to keep her amused if it's the same this time round...

feetheart Fri 12-Jun-09 22:41:54

Best advice I had about entertaining DD when DS was feeding was to get her used to sitting beside me when reading a book rather than on my lap and to do this before the baby was born. Once I had DS settled and feeding I would read to DD - within weeks DD would go and get a book everytime I got my boobs outgrin

Had fed DD for 14mths and thought I knew what I was doing so was MOST p*ssed off when I got sore feeding DS. Midwife was great, told me that feeding a toddler was v different to feeding a newborn and to just go back to basics - all the 'tummy to Mummy' stuff - was fine within a day or so and fed DS for 14mths too.

Definitely go for a present for your DD from the baby but I also took DD out before the baby was born to buy the new baby a teddy - she bought him a little cat (that I think she secretly wanted!) and they still talk together about how she bought it for him (they are 6 and 3 now)

Have a lovely time with your new baby and your DD.

LovelyTinOfSpam Fri 12-Jun-09 22:57:33

Thanks feet!

DD already knows about baby cot and basket and toys - she seems to have picked up that things are for new baby - but we'll see how it goes in practice...

New babies sleep all the time don't they?

(DD dropped her nap about 2 months ago so she is quite full on)

king how many weeks was DD born? Maybe will give you an idea... DD was 42+2 and I was induced, obviously my tummy is comfy, it should be it's padded enough grin

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