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Anyone successfully weaned breast to bottle after 18weeks exclusive breastfeeding?

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dairycow Fri 12-Jun-09 10:03:51

I need a bit of help getting my baby to take a bottle after 18weeks of exclusive breastfeeding.
Over the last couple of months have tried different brands - closer to nature, nuby, nuk,Dr.browns, avent and breastflow,and also tommee tippee trainer cups. I have also tried breast and formula milks at different temperatures , and got my husband and mum to try to no avail.
My daughter is now over 18lbs and my back and shoulders hurt a lot, and am finding it increasingly difficult and embarrassing to feed comfortably in public as she is a wriggler and screamer too! It would also be nice to have my boobs back too...
Has anyone actually managed to convert their little one successfully and any suggestions?

dairycow Fri 12-Jun-09 17:37:24

I take it that's a no!

purpleflower Fri 12-Jun-09 17:50:30

We managed it. Dp gave DD a bottle when she was really really tired. He used to wait for her to wake in the night and get to her before she started to cry. He would not pick her up and hold the bottle through the cot for her. She took it no problems and by 7 1/2 months she was just on bottles.

TrudyVotion Fri 12-Jun-09 18:50:33

Hi purpleflower. I had this problem with DD, and eventually solved it with an Avent spout. Why that succeeded where all else had failed I know not, but I was able to give up BF within two days.

Not sure if this is helpful to you, but this time round, with DS, I was determined not to have the same probs so gave him a bottle of EBM from time to time from the off. He wasn't mad keen then suddenly he seemed a bit more mellow about the whole business. The night it really took off was an evening when I went to DD's concert so no matter what happened, I wasn't there to step in. He drained the lot, and since then (couple of weeks ago), I've been giving Aptamil at bedtime, which he likes. He seems to look for it and likes to fiddle with the bottle. I'd say keep trying - perhaps at the same point each day so DD comes to recognise it. As she gets bigger taking it from you should appeal to her (ha ha, famous last words!).

My DS is 5 1/2 months btw, so not much older than your LO. Good luck!

TrudyVotion Fri 12-Jun-09 18:50:52

Duh, sorry, dairycow!

Sunflower100 Fri 12-Jun-09 21:07:55

dd1 took a bottle at around 20weeks after weeks of trying everything. Nuk latex teats worked- no real idea why but maybe as softer! I know how you feel- was tearing my hair out!! But once she got it- she loved it!!

dairycow Fri 12-Jun-09 21:34:18

Thanks fellow mums for your messages and support - will keep trying!

Mizzwhizz Fri 26-Jun-09 17:58:07

Hi dairycow, I'm really interested how you got on. I'm about to face the same situation with dd and would love to hear more. I've also been reading that it's perfectly normal for bf babies to 'wait' while mum is away e.g. at work and then feed again when they see her as long as they drink other fluids throughout the day. Anyone else aware if this is true?

dairycow Fri 26-Jun-09 23:36:50

Hi Mizzwhizz,
I'm afraid I haven't quite cracked this one. I went back to the nuk bottle and teat, and tried some different milks. She took a bit when it had 'Heinz nurture' milk in it,but not enough to count as a full feed.
With all this hot weather, I have been offering a bit of cooled boiled water from a cup, (yes am aware brest-fed babies do not need this)to try and get her used to drinking from it, and plan to switch the water to milk. I am using the basic tommee tippee cup, you can buy it from most supermarkets.
I think I am pretty decided in giving up on bottles as she is 21 weeks tomorrow, and
she should be heading more in the direction of cups, not bottles. Anyway, it will save me from having potentially more problems trying to get her to take a cup if I have just introduced a bottle!
Anyway good luck and if you stumble across anything that would be helpful, I for one would be grateful - this seems to be a very common problem.

Mizzwhizz Mon 29-Jun-09 18:06:39

Hi diarycow, thanks for reporting back. I'm having a nightmare too and perhaps you are right about just trying with the cup at this stage. My dd is older than yours (6 months) so possibly it's too late with the bottles. Will give it one more go with the nuk bottle and teats. I have been using the doidy cup to give water which she loves but when I put milk in it instead she knew right away and kicked up a real fuss (maybe it was my fault having tried with the bottle just before and so I confused her). My dp has tried as well but to no avail. Urrghh so frustrating as nursery time is beckoning. Will certainly let you know if I hear of anything else!

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