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HELP nearly at end of breastfeeding has anyone ever just used one breast???????

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Nanc123 Fri 12-Jun-09 09:08:59

Hi - my DS is 11 months and I was only going to breastfeed to a year but I don't really want to have to stop suddenly because its going pearshaped! I've cut down to twice a day but the least favoured breast has not been dealing with that very well.......white spots lumps low milk supply etc - I am typing with shooting pains at the moment!! this has gone on for over a month and I knew this morning if I tried to feed him from it it would start hurting

As the left boob is OK can I leave the right breast to heal and just carry on for a couple of months on the left?????????? has anyone done this??? does one effect the other? Help no-one warned me about this when cutting down - thanks xx

notcitrus Fri 12-Jun-09 12:37:51

dunno - I stopped using my left at 8 months as it kept leaking and had never quite recovered from being mauled on day 2, and apart from using it for about 1 minute 36 hours later to deal with engorgement, had no problems at all.

Right breast is doing 3-4 feeds a day, a month later. I asked about it here a while back and apparently lots of women manage to bf fine on one side only.

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