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13wk bf baby refuses bottle - will changing bottle type help?

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HopingCat Thu 11-Jun-09 13:46:03

DS is breastfed but we've been giving a bottle every couple of weeks, just to keep him used to the idea that he doesn't need me for every feed. It was working. However he has suddenly decided at 13 weeks old to refuse the bottle and scream the place down.

I've tried DH giving it to him instead of me while I leave the house, I've tried Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles, I've tried expressed milk and formula milk, I've tried giving it him when he's really hungry, and have tried when he's not hungry. Whatever I do, he cries when he sees the bottle, not when he tastes what is in it. I even tried wrapping the bottle in a bib so he couldn't see the milk. At least on that occasion I got the teat in his mouth, but he did not try and suck at all.

So, do I try a different type of bottle? I heard the Dr Browns bottles are good for mix feeding. Or do I just keep trying regularly and see if he eventually takes it? Has anyone elses baby refused a bottle and then decided to have one again?

I really want this to be a phase rather than permanant, as if someone else could put ds to bed I'd get to put dd to bed (she is 2.6).

Gorionine Thu 11-Jun-09 13:49:57

sorry , I did not quite understand, did Ds accept it for the first few weeks every now and then and started to refuse? If that is the case maybe a different bottle will do the trick.

My own DD never accepted a bottle of any kind, no matter how offten I tried. she went from bf to normal cup when she was.

HopingCat Thu 11-Jun-09 21:46:01

Yes. We gave ds a bottle every week or two, and then one day he refused it. We thought if he was introduced to the bottle early enough he would accept one without difficulty if for any reason we needed him to eg I was ill not long after he was born, thankfully not very ill, but DH could have given ds night feeds in a bottle if I wanted him to. Our plan didn't work!

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