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Is this thrush? small 'blisters' on nipples and pain during feeding

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Catla Wed 10-Jun-09 20:44:15

I went to the docs at the beginning of this week with the above problem - it was just the right nipple which has been excrutiating to feed on and then I noticed one or more tiny blister-looking sores on the tip on nipple - I thought it was a bad latch but the doc said it was thrush and has prescribed canesten cream. I now have the same problem on the left, although not as painful. Is this definitely thrush or could it be something else? I need to clear it up quickly though cos it's getting more and more painful to feed my very hungry 5 month old - she won't take a bottle and won't feed with nipple shields either so I can't even express and feed instead!

mrsmick Wed 10-Jun-09 21:10:10

I had similar when I first started bf'ing and in my case I worked out it was due to poor latch - the blisters were sort of in a line across the nipple and due to DS pinching cos it wasn't far enough in his mouth.
I've never heard of blisters with thrush - are there any other signs eg white patches in baby's mouth?
Mine settled when we got better with latching and also using different positions eg lying down which seemed to relieve the pressure on the sore part.
Not sure if this is much help as you're much farther on than we were but it does sound similar. Hope it settles soon!

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