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bf baby having really bad wind

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booyhoo Wed 10-Jun-09 16:36:15

i bf ds1 and he was always able to wind straight after a feed no problem and then would settle for a sleep in between but ds2 (2 weeks) winds after a feed but when i put him down he'll fall aslep the n a few minutes later he'll wake and cry to be winded again, this can go on until his next feed and he just cant seem to settle for any length of time. any suggestions or is this just what he's going to be like?

gigglewitch Wed 10-Jun-09 16:45:37

Wondered if he's eating too fast and gulping - is he attaching himself properly? my ds2 was pretty hopeless at latching on so gulped air til I slowed him down and made sure he was properly latched and wasn't gulping a pile of air.

Another thing in my mind - have you tried keeping track of what you eat and see if it's relevant? My ds2 was very windy when I ate green veg hmm DS1 was like this but would throw up constantly and had permanent tummy ache, we found out much later that he is intolerant to cows milk sad - if only I'd had a clue... I reckon food diary for you is the way to go.

booyhoo Wed 10-Jun-09 16:56:34

didnt actually consider my own diet. thanks for that. will keep an eye on that and see what difference there is.

tiktok Wed 10-Jun-09 18:53:12

It may not be 'wind' - just the normal reaction of a normal healthy newborn to being put down to sleep not close to mum. Wind is blamed for a lot of things - honestly, the description of what he's doing sounds more like a behavioural response to separation, not a physical effect of bf, or your diet. What do you think?

KiwiPanda Wed 10-Jun-09 19:53:29

Booyhoo - I think what Tiktok says is (as usual ) right - DD reacted like this at various points and I thought at times it was wind but I really think it was just need for comfort and mummy closeness. I'm really sceptical about the connections between what we eat as BF mums and wind (sorry gigglewitch hope that doesn't sound rude!) because I can't see logically how what we eat can possibly "get into" breastmilk! Intolerances are one thing but a lot of nonsense is talked about "things that give us wind give them wind" - how can our guts inability to break down something possibly affect our BM??

Mind you someone who knows a lot more about the human body than me may contradict that!

Anyway if it is a need for more comfort I'm sure it will pass. Good luck!

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