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Breastfed 13 month old doesn't like cows milk

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goingnowherefast Wed 10-Jun-09 12:31:48

And I will be cutting down soon to one breastfeed a day.
Is this a problem? She drinks a little bit of water but I'd like her to drink moe liquid as she won't be having so many breastfeeds. Should I try juice or something or just keep offering milk and water and assume she will drink as much as she needs?

completelyabsolutely Wed 10-Jun-09 15:28:39

My dd is 16 months and has been down to one feed a day since she started refusing the bed time feed at about 13 months.

She doesn't drink cows milk either - if we give it to her in a cup she takes a swig then just opens her mouth and lets it fall out. She would happily live off cheese and yogurt though so I don't worry about the calcium.

Our dentist advised us not to give dd juice - even watered down as it would get her used to having sweet drinks early on so she has always had water. I think if you offer her water as often as you can - dd tends to take sips really frequently rather than having a big drink and keep an eye on how many wet nappies she is getting then I'm sure she will be ok.

I think babies tend to be pretty good at getting what they need and she will adjust to having one the one bf and make up for it by drinking more water - and probably eating a little bit more as well to make up the calories.

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