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Domperidone dosage

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jasperc163 Wed 10-Jun-09 11:48:13

GP prescribed this yesterday at initial dose of 10mg 3x a day. Said to try that for a week and increase if no success.
However looking at the Dr Jack Newman stuff i see most start at 30mg x3.

Those of you who have used it - what dosage did you use? Just not sure if i am wasting time trying the lower dose.

Also how long did it take to work (if it did)?


WorzselMummage Wed 10-Jun-09 12:57:45

I started off taking 1 x 10mg 4x daily but then changed it to 2x10mg 2xdaily and then dropped to 1x10mg morning and night as my supply seemed to catch up.

My BFC suggested i took 2 a day to start with but i didnt find that made much difference really, the 4 a day did though, almost immediatly.

Fennel and fenugreek worked well for me too

PartOfTheHumphreysGroup Wed 10-Jun-09 13:00:59

I started off low and it did nothing. bumped up to 2@ 4 times a day and got decent effect within a couple of days. I agree it felt like a waste of time at the low dose, I even went and bought some from the chemist while waiting for prescriptions to catch up! bloody expensive stuff though.

jasperc163 Wed 10-Jun-09 13:11:32

thanks all. Will give it a couple more days at 10mg x 4 and then up if it doesnt work. Nothing yet but its only been just over a day,

No obvious improvement with fenugreek or More Milk Plus (and they both gave me an upset gut)

WorzselMummage Wed 10-Jun-09 13:53:24

Have you tried Oats ?

I was advised that from someone on here so used to detour to the bakery on my way to see DS in scbu for a flapjack.. i don;t know if it made much of a difference but it was nice

Someone said to try Coconut too but that didnt work for me.

jasperc163 Wed 10-Jun-09 13:59:59

Hi yes - been eating them for breakfast for a month now :-)

Grendle Wed 10-Jun-09 14:00:16

What is your reasoning for trying to increase supply? Are you also expressing after feeds? When medically indicated, domperidone is often v effective in conjunction with expressing strategies. I agree the dose you're on is rather low. The lower doses of the drug are prescribed for gut problems, the milk-increasing effect is a side-effect and to see it's full effect often higher doses are needed.

jasperc163 Mon 15-Jun-09 14:38:59

hi yes, expressing after feeds (though nothing comes out so i get up in the night to express for the following evening -when i have no milk- or not enough to settle baby). I have now upped to 4x 20mg to see if that works as no clear increase so far.

If there is no change on this dosage should i assume it just doesnt work for me? Also part of the resason for the problem is that one breast is producing very little milk (despite always feeding on it first, better latch etc etc) - so I dont know if this can be improved or not as not sure why it is happening.

jasperc163 Mon 15-Jun-09 15:34:24

ps for those of you who did use it succesfully - was the improvement obvious / significant?

jasperc163 Tue 16-Jun-09 10:26:46

up :-)

PartOfTheHumphreysGroup Sun 21-Jun-09 11:02:30

Yes it definitely worked once on higher dosage - had heavy boobs again rather than floppy empty ones, particularly in the morning. Have you seen any effects yet?

jasperc163 Sun 21-Jun-09 19:07:14

hi there - i am still not sure! I think there may be some increase in the night but don't think there is any in the day /evening (which is when i am struggling). She still doesnt look like she has had a good feed (we have to give a bottle ebm in eve to settle her) and i still cant express apart from mid of night.

will keep going a bit longer ...

Grendle Sun 21-Jun-09 20:56:06

Sorry to hear you're having these worries. It's quite normal (whether taking domperidone or not) for breasts to feel soft and floppy in the evenings and for babies to want to feed on and off for several hours at this sort of time of day. The softness indicates that the baby is getting lower volume milk, but this is higher in fat, and therefore the really creamy stuff. Unfortunately, by offering a bottle, this may fill her up, stop her requesting to keep feeding, and so your breasts will not get the messages to make even more milk. it is the removal of milk from the breast that stimulates more to be made. When a baby is feeding more is made all the time. What's her feeding pattern like over the rest of the 24hrs?

Have you considered having a holiday in bed with your LO? Sometimes mums find that spending a few days at home, loads of time skin-to-skin and feeding every time their baby so much as twitches can make a difference quite quickly. How old is your dd?

I'm also wondering what the other signs of how things are going are like? What are her nappies like? Is she gaining some weight? Is she well and happy? If she's unsettled can you say a bit more about what that is like?

Has someone who knows about bf (i.e. from one of the 4 national bf organisations) observed a feed recently, just to check that she's transferring milk as efficiently as possible and that there's nothing like tongue tie going on? Sometimes the way a baby is feeding can be improved even if mum is in no discomfort.

AbricotsSecs Sun 21-Jun-09 21:00:32

Message withdrawn

thaliablogs Thu 25-Jun-09 20:25:26

I had chronically low supply, and took 120mg a day of domperidone to make a difference, and it did make a huge difference, where nothing else (oats, fenugreek, more milk plus, teas etc etc) did. I was also pumping after every feed and even inbetween feeds for a while, but it was the dom that worked. My doc refused to prescribe so I ordered in bulk from

Good luck!

jasperc163 Sat 27-Jun-09 08:17:09

thaliablogs- glad to hear it worked for you. As a matter of interest did you get much out when pumping between feeds in daytime?

Grendle - thanks for your reply. The problem i have is not overall weight gain - she is doing fine, but that i dont have enough milk in the eve (i iknow breasts would feel soft etc but she is clearly hungry and wont settle until she has a ebm bottle top up at about 9pm - the difference is immediate). To provide this ebm i have to get up in the middle of the night a couple of hours before she wakes to feed (once in night) as it is the only time i can get enough out (she takes 4oz the following eve) and it is starting to really exhaust me as it means i never get more than a 3 hr block asleep.

I cant take a holiday in bed as i have a 3.5yr old DD1, and various animals to deal with :-(. She feeds on demand during the day - this can vary between 3hrs in morning to every couple or less afternoon onwards, plus cluster feeds most of the evening til she gets the bottle.

I had hoped the domperidone would provide me with enough to either keep her happy in the eve or to express during the day (i cant really get any out) so that i could stop the night expressing, but it doesnt appear to be making much difference. I've had a lactation consultatant out early on to help with latch (and it was she who suggested domperidone in end) and have been to a bf clinic a few times (planning to go back again this week).

I will be needing to introduce mixed feeding at about 5.5 months anyway as i go back to work at 6 months but would obviously like to continue to exclusively bf til then (she is now 12 weeks).

Sorry for essay!

ladylush Sun 02-Aug-09 21:55:29

I had a premature baby born 3 weeks ago and am struggling with my milk supply. Have tried everything but to no avail. The most I can ever express is 40-50ml but it is often as low as 20 ml. I bf my ds (who was term) but he was always on the breast and I could never express any milk then so I suspect I have a low supply. I also find my milk supply is much worse in the evenings, whereas in the morning it is better. Am collecting a prescription for either Domperidone or Maxalon (G.P has given me a choice!)this week. However, am concerned to see that 10mg tds is often not enough to get things going and worry that the G.P would not px more since it is not licensed as a galactagogue. Still, I suppose I could always supplement it with otc tablets.

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