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ITV This Morning 12 o clock. Breastfeeding feature. REMINDER

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pixiefish Tue 10-May-05 11:32:27

Just a quick reminder following yesterday's thread

juniperdewdrop Tue 10-May-05 11:41:03


pixiefish Tue 10-May-05 12:20:01

it was fairly ok APART for some women viewers who emailed in with really negative comments. They didn't really address these comments

QueenEagle Tue 10-May-05 12:23:05

I was expecting it to have a negative slant, but seemed to put b/f across in a positive light. All of the kids seemed independent, wandering off to friends/family behind the cameras. I liked the shot of the little girl kissing her dad.

pupuce Tue 10-May-05 13:00:29

I thought it was very good.

beckymumof3 Tue 10-May-05 13:10:48

Surprisingly positive I thought - they didn't seem to have gone out of their way to find wierdos or anything and the psych woman was also positive.

I think it helped that it was presented by Fern Cotton who had breastfed her kids and obviously didn't think it was wierd - although Philip Schofield tried to hide it I think he came across as anti-long term breastfeeding.

I was surprised by the fact that the average age for giving up BF worldwide is 4 and a half - thats a good message to get across.

I agree, the viewers comments were awful.

pupuce Tue 10-May-05 13:11:44

Fern Britten

beckymumof3 Tue 10-May-05 13:18:40

Oh yeah, too much CBBC and Top of the Pops in our house

emkana Tue 10-May-05 19:24:27

I'm really pleased that this was so positive about extended breastfeeding. And extra pleased because they quoted from an e/mail I sent in yesterday. Yeah!

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