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dd 11 days old feeding pattern changed are we doing ok ?

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Comewhinewithme Tue 09-Jun-09 10:50:23

DD5 is 11 days old . Although she is my 6th child she is my first breastfeeder.
She has been feeding with no problems since birth and has plenty of wet and dirty nappies.

But since yesterday she has been feeding a lot she has started staying on for longer (she used to stay on for 10-20 mins every 2-3 hours) now she seems to be staying on for 30 mins and is someimes wanting the other side too.
Last night she fed on and off from 8pm until midnight then woke up at 6am and has fed 5 times since then .

Does is all sound ok am a bit worried she is not getting enough milk and that is why she wants to go on so much .

Just going up for a quick bath while she is alseep so not ignoring any answers .


PlumBumMum Tue 09-Jun-09 10:56:33

Hey there, as long as your happy and shes happy I wouldn't complain did she sleep right through from 12 to 6

They do have a wee growth spurt at 2 weeks, and then I think the next is at 6, but ds always stayed on for at least 30 and had a wee drink from the other side

MatNanPlus Tue 09-Jun-09 10:56:51

She is probably going thru a growth window and knows the more she feeds the more milk there will be

tiktok Tue 09-Jun-09 11:12:35

Comewhine - all this sounds totally normal, and is good she wants the other side (and new babies are probably best off always being offered the other side...that is fine!).

She wants to go on so much because she needs you to make lots of milk and that's the only way she can order it up - you are keeping beautiful pace with her needs from the sound of it.

Hope you won't mind a nosy Q: what made you decide to bf after 5 babies who were ff??

Comewhinewithme Tue 09-Jun-09 11:21:04

Thankyou all I knew that was probably it just always better to ask.

Tiktok MN and reading about breastfeeding on the net made me really want to BF sounds silly but I am always reading postive stories about it on here I was determined to give it a proper go this time . I did start bf with DD3 and DD4 but DD3 I got huge sores on my nipples and had noone around to help I gave up when she was 3 days old and DD4 was the same. I realise now I wasn't latching them on properly which is why it was so painful.

With My new dd I read everything I could and latched her on as soon as she was born and she has done fine ever since much to the disgust of my Mother who told me I wouldn't last the week and last night told me to just give her a bottle grin.

tiktok Tue 09-Jun-09 11:31:39

Great story, Comewhine If you have queries you can always find answers to them here, too.

Shame your mum is not supportive. You might have to deal with her very firmly Is she 'disgusted' at bf, or 'disgusted' at you making a good job of it?

PlumBumMum Tue 09-Jun-09 11:32:07

My grandmother could never understand me breastfeeding, and everytime she would ask when is he going on a bottle,
with dd1 & 2 I had trouble feeding and I hate when no one is supportive everyone is quick to say just give them a bottle
My dd1 was first grandchild on both sides and both grand mothers couldn't wait to give her a bottle, I only managed 2 weekssad
ds was brilliant I couldn't wean him on to a bottle
So when dd2 came along everyone was going on at me to make sure I got her to drink from a bottle early, and I put myself under enormous pressure, so she got about 13 weeks

So if I go again I am going to IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE
So enjoy the experience, it is lovely smile

Comewhinewithme Tue 09-Jun-09 11:42:25


I think she is disgusted because she dosen't have any control over it and she is a major control freak .

It was very funny last night as she was sat on the sofa and dd was feeding away and she made the bottle remark and I just laughed it off but my 18 year old brother who was sat next to me started telling her all about how my milk was protecting the baby and how she might not pick up as many bugs and she sat there with a face a bit like a smacked arse grin.

I am enjoying it so much and even dp who wasn't too sure about it because of dd3/4 can't believe how well it is going (touch wood).

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