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Help 4.15am ish wake up for 12wk old - heard this is "digestion time"- on aptimal 1st baby

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rainbowrosie Tue 09-Jun-09 08:21:08

MOrning - gorgeous baby i know would sleep thru till about 5.30ish / 6am - but has been woken up 4amish for the last 4 nights - and seems to having painful belly

She is on aptimal first baby and weighs i think about 13lbs

i cuddle her put her back down, dummy, and bounce her in her amby nest and she grumbles for about 1/2hr - then crashes again until 5.30am/6am when i feed her small feed

someone mentioned this is "digestion time" - i am trying to incorporate more cooled boiled water

any other suggestions gratefully received

Picante Tue 09-Jun-09 08:22:46

Try a dream feed?

Jennylee Tue 09-Jun-09 08:59:42

I would just give her some more milk,she is still very small, you might get more sleep if you give her more milk as she demands it. I have not heard of digestion time before though.

morningpaper Tue 09-Jun-09 09:02:12

Why don't you give her a small feed at 4.15?

rainbowrosie Tue 09-Jun-09 09:25:50

Thank you for above

Yes i do a dream feed about 11pm

I would feed her at 4.15 but i am not sure she is actually hungry - i will try- she is very very sleepy and seems more grimacy,gripey than hungry

instinct is my only reasoning - when rosie is hungry the whole world knows she tells you very loudly - this is more grimace

she feeds well at 11pm and we had been hitting 5am/5.30ish for a couple nights before so was thinking we were aiming for 5.30/6am and i was delighted

trying to get her to take her whole 7am feed - if she feeds at 4.15 /5.30am she is not completing the breakfast feed so wanted to keep this early morning feed reduced

will see what happens with small feed tonight & pursue this thought about digestion time with the HV & internet see if it actually exists

tiktok Tue 09-Jun-09 10:20:59

I have never heard of 'digestion time' - I am hmm that all babies would engage in a spot of digestion at 4 am.

I am not sure what your concern is, rainbowrosie - lots of babies of this age wake in the night/v.early morning. Why would you not just give her some milk? Why would you give her water at any time unless it was very hot and she seemed to be v. thirsty?

Good idea to talk to the HV about this.

HullabaLuLu Tue 09-Jun-09 12:36:45

My dd is bf so it maybe different but she feeds roughly at midnight, 2am-ish, 4am-ish, 5.15am-ish and 6-ish. She appears to have more at some times than others but it gets her back to sleep.

Have you tried feeding her when she wakes to see if it is hunger?

Can you give a small feed at 4.15am and then as much as she wants at 7am? Even if this is less than you'd like her to have?

I don't know much about ff I'm afraid but I think a hungry baby should be fed, even if this disrupts a timetable. Perhaps this isn't the way ff works?

Personally I would rather try a quick feed at 4.15am than spend 30 minutes bouncing the Amby and listening to my DD grumble! smile

Sunflower100 Tue 09-Jun-09 14:30:13

She might be having a growth spurt and therefore be hungry. Ime its a myth that once they have slept through the night they always will. both my dds slept through very early and then had periods of waking for milk.

rainbowrosie Tue 09-Jun-09 17:40:20

Thank you very much - i will try a small feed and see what happens - i guess i was hoping that we were heading in the right direction towards 5.30ish ...i am longing for the 6am feeds

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