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my 2 month old eats constantly

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katiekins27 Tue 09-Jun-09 05:02:54

My 2 mo old baby boy has been eating constantly. I dont think that he needs food every hour or less at times. Doc says to feed him more at one time so he will go longer between feedings but he only picks and picks so he ends up feeding all day. I breast feed at night and mostly bottle during the day with bf in between. He goes long stretches at night, its only the days he is constantly eating. He doesnt spit up hardley at all but he fusses a lot. and seems to always be pushing for a poop. but hasnt had one in a couple days. Is this normal or is he gorging himself because he doesnt feel well??? I recently switched him over to soy because he was always screaming I figured it may be the formula and he always has REALLY smelly gas that all seems to have stopped since the switch but still no poops. and still cluster feeding....

rubyslippers Tue 09-Jun-09 08:39:16

hmm - 8 week growth spurt?

not sure about soy formula - think it should only be used if advised by a GP or HV

Jennylee Tue 09-Jun-09 09:07:59

Soya formula is high in female hormone and fluorine, does not contain any actual milk and is not meant to be used without the advice of a doctor or health practitioner. Do an internet search on problems/dangers of soya formula. I think you could put your baby back onto any other normal formula, would be better for him. Babies who are breastfed drink milk a lot, it can be every hour or less as your baby is still very small at 2 months and needs to be fed on demand. In the evening they can feed even more to build up your milk and themselves so they can last through longer periods at night. It can be tiring, but if you try and concentrate of breastfeeding whenever he wants he will find his own pattern. Cluster feeding is still normal at 2 months and even 3. Exclusively breastfed babies to not tend to get constipated, perhaps you coudl reduce the formula feeds and this would correct itself, is up to you. There is an american site called kellymom which is amazing for breastfeeding anything you can think to ask and how to solve problems.

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