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lorraine kelly

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starlover Tue 10-May-05 09:19:34

just mentioned the b/f discussion they will be having shortly. You can text to 81189

starlover Tue 10-May-05 09:22:53

totally pointless. approx 1 minute chat with a mum who b/f.
lorraine mentioned that it isn't always easy, and some woman said you should talk to your midwife.
that was it

bobbybob Tue 10-May-05 09:32:54

What about the bit about talking to some lactivists? Maybe they got so many emails complaining about Philip Schofield saying bitty that they decided to play it very safe.

CarolinaMoon Tue 10-May-05 10:33:49

they just did the rundown of the show, all v v respectful of everyone's rights etc - guess all those emails worked! the power of mumsnet!!

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