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sqirming and headbutting

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mrsjuan Mon 08-Jun-09 17:55:38

3 week old DD seems really frustrated at most feeds. She goes on and off for a few minutes, takes some good sucks for a few minutes then starts sqirming. i've tried taking her off & trying other side but the same thing happens again. Any ideas?
My boobs tend to leak a tiny bit before most feeds and then can be quite 'squirty'.

mrsjuan Mon 08-Jun-09 18:17:52

Forgot to add that after a while she does settle down and stay on for longer but by that point I'm not sure if she;s suckling properly or just having some mummy dummy time!
Really struggling at her 2am (ish) feed because it takes so long and I'm shattered.

Jennylee Tue 09-Jun-09 09:27:04

it could be once the milk lets down she is a bit overwhelmed by the volume and speed, but as she gets bigger this will get better. Or it could be wind and she needs burping. but sounds like you have a lot of milk which is a good thing. Are you able to feed her in bed lying down so you get more sleep at 2am, that would maybe help. also I'm not advertising this site but Kellymom has a lot of information and solutions about breastfeeding it really helped me, there might be an answer to your exact issue. You are doing well 3 weeks is early days

Daffodilly Tue 09-Jun-09 22:15:40

Sounds like wind to me - could be exacerbated by fast let down maybe. Try letting her latch on then when squirting starts take her off and let fast flow go into muslin while you wind a bit. Then put her back on once it has calmed down a bit.

Reckon it will get easier once she is big enough to handle the flow.

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