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bf experts HELP please getting very worn down

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yawningmonster Mon 08-Jun-09 10:13:01

dd is coming up to 5 weeks old. we are doing really well now at night with 4/5 hour stretch followed by app 3 hour stretch of sleep. She feeds from both sides at these times. Then it all goes downhill with dd wanting to feed anywhere from every half hour to hour and a half. she will just cry and root from then on and most days will explode from both ends as a result. It is anybodys guess what time I manage to get her settled for the night and during the day she doesn't settle between feeds. I have been wearing her during the day but she pretty much continually roots and I am sure she isn't getting enough sleep. What am I doing wrong, I thought ds was hard work feeding every 2 hours but this is starting to really drain me especially with a 4 year old needing some of my time as well which he just isn't getting at the moment. Please help.

yawningmonster Mon 08-Jun-09 10:44:11


tiktok Mon 08-Jun-09 10:49:50

yawning - this is a hard stage, esp with another child

Best thing to do, I think, would be to call a helpline and talk it over with someone who will listen, not judge and who has a good idea of the right questions to ask you.

The pattern you describe is not at all unusual for a new baby - I don't see anything to back up your concern that she is not getting enough sleep, as she sleeps well at night anyway, and in any case, babies can be relied on to take opps for sleep when they need it.

This longer sleeping together with the longer gaps at night is pretty well guarenteed to mean frequent feeding in the day, too.

It will not last forever, as as time goes on, you will become better at multi-tasking, with the baby in the sling/carrier, feeding, as you do other things

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