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Cluster feeding or just confused??

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stanausauruswrecks Mon 08-Jun-09 09:39:03

DD is now 2 weeks old, and is BF. To cut a long story short, we've only just got out of hospital, as she neeeded 2 lots IV antibiotics for an unknown infection. On the first hospital stay, she was off having IVs at 1am, and would need to feed to settle her back to sleep once they had finished.Second hospital stay, she was having temp checked 4 hourly, so again disrupted sleep. We finally got home for good on Saturday. Since then she's slept really well during the day usually about 3 hours, but has woken every 2 hours for a feed at night (approx 15minutes long.) Her weight gain has been good - she had dropped 150g 5 days post birth, (was 4.27kg to start) and was weighed on Saturday, and is now 4.3kg.
So I am knackered, and struggling with a 3yo to entertain on top of it all - hence garbled post! Do you think she is cluster feeding, or is she mixed up between night and day, and if so, how can I help her get her clock reset?!
Many thanks in advance for your advice grin

bearhug Mon 08-Jun-09 11:59:34

Hi you must be so happy to have her home! I don't think any 2 weeks olds know the difference between night and day yet. Feeding every few hours is quite normal at this age. Go with the flow I would say, and accept any help offered.

It will get easier with time and you will get to sleep more eventually

peanutbutterkid Mon 08-Jun-09 11:59:41

I think her body and immature psyche was wiped out by the infection and fighting it off and now she is trying hard to make up for it, both physically and emotionally.

I'm not an expert, but that's my thruppence of thoughts. Plenty of babies have a growth spurt/increase in feeding frequency from about 10days-3 weeks old, too.

I know it's knackering. If it were me I'd try to just roll with it, just get the basics done each day and let go of the details. Order take-aways, ignore the dust in the corner or dishes that never get completely washed up, and take things one day at a time.

stanausauruswrecks Tue 09-Jun-09 10:35:06

Thanks for your replies. Bearhug it's just so great to have her here and healthy. My parents and sister are on their way today, so hopefully will take some of the pressure off with keeping DS entertained.
Peanutbutterkid That was one of my concerns, that the antibiotics would knock her gut completely off kilter, however the paediatrician assured me that their gut is sterile, and they start to colonise good (and bad) bacteria after birth, combined woth the probiotic effects of breast milk it shouldn't be a problem.
As fro ignoring the dust pile, have been practicing that long before DC were even a twinkle in my eye grin

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