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Mothercare feeding tops

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kazbeth Mon 08-Jun-09 08:31:29

I bought a couple of Mothercare feeding tops yesterday but couldn't try them on as I had the 2 children with me.

Tried them on this morning and couldn't believe the crap design of them .. unless I'm missing something. They have 2 layers .. fair enough .. but the openings are down the sides and start further down than the breast?? They are also attatched at the bottom so as soon as you lift the top part the bottom comes with it and you still end up showing all your belly and back .. so what's the point!

I'm not happy as I'll now have to traipse back there to take them back.

Anyone else have these?

Tommy Mon 08-Jun-09 08:36:42

I never found any of the so called feeding tops any use. I used to just wear a baggy t shirt and lift it up - or any top and lift it up to be TBH

jumpjockey Mon 08-Jun-09 17:23:32

I got a few and found them utterly useless, like you say by the time you've got the top layer out of the way you've exposed most of your body. I tried cutting the stitches but then ended up with just as pointless dangly bib thing, still showed off my whole back. Now just go for the vest top underneath, any old normal top over.

mrsjuan Mon 08-Jun-09 17:50:06

I'm wearing one at the moment and cursing it constantly. Don't know how I'm ever going to BF in public:
no suitable clothes - usually end up stripping off!
mill spurting and leaking everywhere
sqirmy, grunting, head butting baby

SoupDragon Mon 08-Jun-09 17:52:29

H&M ones seemed to work well. TBH, I mostly went with wearing a vest under stuff - top layer went up, neck of vest went down. job done.

tutu100 Mon 08-Jun-09 17:53:47

I got some good tops from H&M. They had a wrap over double front so you could poke your boob out between the 2 layers when you needed to feed thus avoiding having to show of wobbly post baby belly.

I found them really good as ds2 was a december baby so I managed to avoid having the cold wind blowing on my tummy when we were out.

notcitrus Mon 08-Jun-09 20:34:57

Never figured out bfing tops. Cheap baggy T-shirts and a long cardigan worked for me.

fledtoscotland Tue 09-Jun-09 23:35:55

The only BFing tops I've ever managed to "work" have been the H&M tops and I've only ever had a couple of those. I go for the vest top/cardigan look (vest top easy to pull up and cardigan covered all the bare mass of my exposed belly). No-one has seen anything anyway cos DS2 just cuddles in

Verity79 Sat 13-Jun-09 18:09:45

I bought one and took it back as my boobs would have had to have been at either side of my waist not at the front and slightly higher. I took it back and put in a complaint to head office. The sticker on the front said 'For discrete breastfeeding' discrete breastfeeding my arse. My back, sides, tummy and boobs out on display is not 'discrete' shock.

I second/third/etc the vest top with stretchy straps under regular top suggestion. Everything is under wraps and on one is any the wiser. Obviously you can be as discrete or not as you want but I have....ahem...fat issues and want to hide my less than tasteful parts wink

kazbeth Sat 13-Jun-09 19:02:03

Thanks everyone. Looks like I'll have to retry the vest thing and maybe get some stretchier ones. I'm not so worried about discreet breastfeeding as such more just wanting to hide my wobbly belly - my eldest said to me the other day that mummy has 2 tummys - not my finest moment lol

I took them back and explained why but I bet they don't do anything about it. They are just such a bad design. The h&m ones seem better and wish they sold them near me.

That's exactly the problem I had with them Verity .. only you've explained it much better!

xandrarama Fri 19-Jun-09 12:04:55

I bought four nursing tops from Mothercare online and tried them on when they were delivered. I had to send two of them back because of the problems described by others in this thread. How is exposing 3/4 of my torso "discreet"? Especially in February... brrr.

Two of the tops were fine, however, and I'm still using them: the nursing vest, and the three-quarter sleeve black nursing top (which is listed as 'last chance to buy' and discounted to £10 on the website right now). These are well designed and actually do what they're supposed to. Maybe it's just the promising sounding "double layer" tops that don't work?

dawntigga Sat 20-Jun-09 09:10:35

Had a look at them decided a decent top would do a better job - take them back and get either a refund or credit


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