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Help! Biting is getting MUCH worse...

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SprogletCooking Sun 07-Jun-09 13:31:41

Help really needed as I'm really considering stopping (and I dont want to!).

My DS is 8months old and has had 8 teeth since he was about 6 months old. There was always a bit of biting but it wasnt very often and I could handle it. I used to take him off and leave him for a minute before trying again and that usually worked.

However over the last week or so the biting is getting much much worse and I really cant handle it much more. It's almost every feed (at each breast) although the first and last feeds of the day (6am and 11pm(ish) are usually not too bad.

I thought I might be trying to feed him too much so today I didnt feed until he seemed to be asking for it at lunchtime (about 12 so about 5-6 hours since his last feed!!!) but again I got bitten each time I tried.

Surely 6 hours is too long to go without a proper feed? I tried offering water in his Tommy Tipee and his bottle and he took a bit but generally only and oz or so.

Hes been weaning for the last couple of months and is on 3 good meals a day.

I guess what I really want to know is:
(a) How often should I be offering the boob and or water
(b) Is there anything else I can do to stop the biting (and the pulling, twisting and kicking)
(c) Do I need to worry if he doesnt seem to take as much fluid on during the day as he used to (as if he's thirsty he would drink it)

Thanks for reading this, sorry it turned out a bit long!

MrsJamin Sun 07-Jun-09 19:15:55

DS once bit me so hard I had to take antibiotics - so I know it's not easy! Biting always seemed worse when he was teething - so make sure you're doing everything possible to help him with the pain so he's not using your nipple as a teether- so ibuprofen and teething gel just before a feed. You're doing the right thing to pull straight off when he's bitten you and then try again in a bit. Hope this gets better v soon!

I would say 6 hours is a long time between feeds but perhaps go by his lead on that. Some drop feeds earlier than others.

SprogletCooking Sun 07-Jun-09 19:38:06

Thanks MrsJamin

He's just had his feed before bed and no bites (yay!!!) but that is his first proper feed since 7am (he's taken an oz or two of water and EBM a couple of times during the day but really not much). I know this isn't enough but he's still making plenty of wet nappies so I'll see how we get on tomorrow... am hoping he's back to the boob-monster he usually is!

I did calpol and tooth gel before this feed so will see if that helps during the day feeds tomorrow (fingers crossed!!!).

Have been reading a few of the old threads and it might be a nursing strike (but I'm not sure) so have taken their advice of skin to skin and relaxing (not easy when I'm expecting a bite any second!) too!!

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