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Does anyone know if LLL leaders will do home visits?

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nappyaddict Sun 07-Jun-09 12:59:37

My friend's baby won't feed very well. Keeps coming on and off the breast so the HV has told her to stop breastfeeding herself, express as much as she can and give formula the rest of the time angry

She's rung the hospital because she doesn't drive and she knows their BFC's will come out to the house but she is on long term sick and they haven't replaced her angry

So I was going to suggest LLL but I don't know if they do home visits or not.

tiktok Sun 07-Jun-09 13:01:43

nappyaddict - all the vol orgs connected with bf (NCT, LLL, BfN, ABM) have counsellors who may do home visits, but as they are all volunteers, do not cover the whole country and may have other calls on their time, it's a question of asking.

A phone call inititially would help - she may not need a visit.

hmm at HV's suggestion...

flamingobingo Sun 07-Jun-09 13:02:23

All the bf orgs have supporters that are volunteers, therefore some will come out and some won't depending on their family circumstances. It's worth trying all of them.

nappyaddict Sun 07-Jun-09 13:05:35

I looked on ABM but couldn't find a list of numbers anywhere.

MollieO Sun 07-Jun-09 13:09:04

NCT one will. Call their bf helpline and they will put you in touch with someone. Mine lived in my village and was a godsend when HV said I was 'starving' my baby.

twinklegreen Sun 07-Jun-09 13:14:31

Hi, it's a long shot but I run a BF organisation in York and we home visit. If your friend lives anywhere near here let me know!

Grendle Sun 07-Jun-09 13:27:45

ABM and BfN helplines both connect through one central number to the nearest person who is available at that time (provided you call from a landline and the number isn't hidden -the system uses the first part of your phone code to allocate you by location). This saves their volunteers publishing their home numbers with all the associated risks. The National Breastfeeding Helpline is run jointly by ABM and BFN. The number is 0300 100 0212. I think the national NCT breastfeeding line works in a similar way, or if not they will be able to put you in touch with the most local person.

As pp said, calling all the orgs will help you to locate who is active near to you.

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