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Breastfeeding during pregnancy

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sweetkitty Mon 09-May-05 19:56:48

Have just found out I'm pregnant with no2, DD is 9 1/2 months my plan (since I decided not to go back to work) was to wean her off the boob straight onto cows milk at 12 months.

Has anyone done this? How hard is it?

I'm also worried about BFing whilst pregnant to a lesser extent, DD has 3 BFs during the day but sometimes if she cries I'll feed her in the night. Last time I felt really rough the first 3 months never was sick just exhausted am worried about BFing Dd and being pregnant and the effect it will have on my body.

I plan to not offer her a feed from 12 months so she should only be having 2 a day morning and night then drop the night one in a month then the morning one at 12 months. I'm scared about the comfort feeds in the night though. I know follow on milk is a con but was thinking of that instead of cows milk as it has more nutrients in it.

Should I go cold turkey and 12 months and put my boobs away for good (well for 6 months)?

She drinks well for a beaker (no valve just the cheap kind) will this be comfort enough for her?

Must be the hormones as I'm all over the place part of me wants my body back part of me feels like I'm loosing my baby.

leahbump Mon 09-May-05 20:03:16

I fell pg around the same time as you..however i have chosen to keep feeding. It was painful around month 4 but ok after that.
Many babes self wean during pregnancy as the milkl changes in taste so that might help you.

Other than that I would say if you dd has cows milk on cereal fine then there should be no reason why she shouldn't drink cows milk at 1. I would also say do not go cold turkey all in one go. (your boobs will go mad!) be gentle with yourself switch feeds one at a time from boob to beaker- personally i would start with the night feeds as you r gonna feel v tired. You could do that now with formula and dp/h can help out whilst you get much needed rest to cope with dd in the day!! It might take you till your 4-6 months gone but it isn't all that bad (ds feeds once or twice a day at 15 months old).

The other thing to add is that you are not putting baby at risk whilt continuing to feed and you are also doing dd no harm. It's whatever feels right for you.

For more info look at

sweetkitty Mon 09-May-05 20:12:28

Sorry leahbump I'm getting myself confused I meant I'll drop the last 3 feeds a month at a time but after 12 months I'll stop comfort feeding at night I won't stop overnight or my boobs will explode.

I don't know if it's worth even starting with formula now at 11 months hopefully she will be down to 1-2 feeds a day so I can go straight onto cows milk.

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