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Help!! I need some advice ...

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MrsThreads Sun 07-Jun-09 11:11:27

Hi all

I don't get on here much as LO keeps me busy but I am at my wits end re her feeding.

Due to circumstances against my control I was unable to BF so we had to switch to FF. At around 8 weeks she started to suffer from colic and the HV suggested changing her to her an Easy Digest formula so off we went to get her the Aptamil Easy Digest and at 15 weeks she has been on it ever since.

She has been taking 5-6 ozs per bottle upto last Tuesday when she dropped to 3-3.5oz per feed. I spoke to HV on Friday who said she wasn't taking enough as she should be having at least 28oz per day at her age. She told me to monitor her feeds over the weekend and speak again tomorrow.

I think she is hungry but as soon as she realises what is in the bottle, she spits it out or turns her head away and gags.

Is she struggling with it? Does she not like it? Is it the teats?

She is only taking about 20oz per day at the moment and I am getting really worried.

Would really appreciate your help!!


CherryChoc Sun 07-Jun-09 11:18:19

Is she teething? Have you tried teething gels on her gums? Sometimes the bottle teats can be uncomfortable if this is the case.

Just a quick point - she is much too young to wean, some HVs are a bit quick to suggest that, if she does, see if you can get a second opinion and/or question her, the recommended weaning age is 6 months.

Good Luck

MrsThreads Sun 07-Jun-09 11:23:42

Thanks Cherrychoc - I think she is starting to teeth as she can be very dribbley and the teats I am using are the Philips Avent Variable Flow for thicker liquids.

HV isn't suggesting weaning as she is much too young but I am wondering about weaning her off the Easy Digest onto Aptamil 1st but don't want the colic to return.

Really confused


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