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Cranial osteopathy - any recommendations?

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natandjonah Sun 07-Jun-09 10:12:01

Hi all

I am interested to take DD1 who is 8wks old to a cranial osteopath to see if it can help our wind and feeding problems. He had a pretty traumatic delivery (getting stuck on on my cervix, back to back, ventuose (sp?) delivery and cord around his neck and tummy) and I've heard it can help settle them.

So asking for anyone who has taken there LO - did it help? Also if anyone is in the herts/ north london area can they recommend anyone?


dinkystinky Sun 07-Jun-09 17:54:36

I've taken DS1 (traumatic delivery, stuck in birth canal, inhaled meconium) and DS2 (cord around neck) to cranial osteopath and both were helped massively with their wind/unsettled problems. I swear by it.We went to the Osteopathic Centre for Children in Farringdon (a thameslink stop there) - its a registered charity so they never turn anyone away and you pay by donation what you can afford. You can find them online by googling them - explain that the baby was a ventouse delivery when you speak to them as they'll try and get you an appointment asap (otherwise appointments can take a while to come round). If you do go there I'd advise booking up 3 or 4 appointments in a row after your first one - you can always cancel them if you dont need them later on. Good luck.

loulabellecelino Sun 07-Jun-09 18:06:11

Cant help with recommendations in your area, but I can say it really helped my DD. She was a normal delivery, but was VERY irritable as a newborn, would be asleep in the car seat, and then erupt screaming if I went round a corner, stopped at traffic lights etc. She would also wake screaming if I walked past her and my shadow fell on her seat etc it would disturb her. Nothing helped except feeding her, so she was on the breast pretty much 24/7. At 6 weeks I found a CO in Harrogate, took her up there and after the first session, she slept 3 hours solid, something she had never done before. It took about 6 sessions to get her sorted, but it also helped our breast feeding too, as she wasnt really latching on all that well and I was sore, but after the CO it got a lot better within a few days she was opening her mouth a lot wider and feeding better.
I would def. recommend it to anyone, I tried to get my GP to refer us, but he just laughed, so I had to pay myself, but knowing how much it helped, I would pay double what I did to do it again.

natandjonah Sun 07-Jun-09 22:08:21

Thanks for your messages. Will try giving the osteopathic centre a call tomorrow. Didn't realise how easy Farringdon would be to get to! Really hoping it can be as succesful for us as your experiences have been!

completelyabsolutely Mon 08-Jun-09 09:56:01

I hope it works for you. We took my dd after a fairly traumatic delivery - she had to be turned around before being delivered by forceps, cord 3 times round her neck, inhaled meconium. It did seem to really help her.

Before she couldn't lie flat at all and always had her head to one side - think her neck had been hurt when she was turned and she had a lot of stomach pain and really bad wind. The person we saw told us that there is a nerve that runs from the neck to the abdomen (think it was called the Vega nerve but it is all a blur now!) and that damage to the neck can affect the digestive system and cause a lot of wind and discomfort.

Not sure if this makes any sense but at the time I was happy to fork out any amount of money to stop dd crying and it did.

There is nothing that makes you more desperate than an incosolable baby is there?!

Ineedmorechocolatenow Tue 09-Jun-09 10:26:48

I had a fab experience with a cranial osteopath. I had a similar delivery to yours with DS. Three sessions and he was a different baby!

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