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Wi-Fi IS dangerous, especially for children, Ben Goldacre is wrong - he is either lying, or has not studied the evidence.

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Gillflower Sat 06-Jun-09 12:25:28

I am appalled by Ben Goldacre's statement that there is no danger in Wi-Fi - this and the emissions coming from phone masts and mobile phones are microwaves.

There are many forms of microwaves - radar; XRays (we all know the dangers of those! Staff taking them go and stand outside the area whilst patients are X-rayed!).Others are emissions from phones and masts; even worse, Wi-Fi and the worst of all - Wi-max!

People have been knocked unconscious and/or suffered heart attacks by the 40Ghz Wi-Fi being tried out in Wales!

I suffered palpitations in a bedroom next to a relative's office (plus Wi-fi, and my bed was right against the wall) in Bewdley whilst staying there for the weekend - I had to sleep downstairs on the sofa for 2 nights and was ok there! The husband had been suffering heart problems too. I doubt if Ben Goldacre has Wi-Fi in his Office - I wonder if he is employed by the phone companies?

I have studied the effects of microwave emissions for seven years! Ever since residents of my village were ill as soon as an Orange mst was activated outside their homes! Children are badly affected. A 4 yr old girl living in her grandma's househad severe nose bleeds and earache - the doctor could find no physical cause for the symtpoms. She did not have it before teh mast was activated and the symptoms ceased as soon as the family was rehoused. The little girl had temporary hearing loss, but has recovered her hearing now and has had no more nosebleeds at all! her big sister had sore itcjing bloodshot eyes whilst at the Grandma's, this stopped when they moved away. She got a job at a school in our village, came back to grandma's and her eye problems started again! She got medicine from the doctor, but it did not cure the problems - and eventually, the poor girl gave up and moved away. This is what microwaves do to people when they are too close and the emissions are too high!
Our emissions are second highest in the world. 450 microwatts. In Russia where they first found out the damage done to people close to microwaves, permitted emissions are 2 microwatts - in the 9 countries of the Salzburg Resolution, permitted levels are 0.1 microwatts! France is currently considering 6.0 microwatts.

The Germans warned America not to put Wi-fi on the streets. The warning was ignored and in at least one town Wi-Fi is affecting people badly. Europe is listening to the BioInitiative Report from Canada, which explains the effects upon our health

The safest thing would be to have fibre optics, where emissions are enclosed and cannot attack us. Richard Branson is bringing it on - get in touch with your Councils and demand the safer options! Australia is knocking down its masts and putting in Fibre Optics instead - that is what we need! Don't have anything to do with Wi-Fi or Wimax if you can help it (especially if you have children) because neither has been pre-tested, and introduction of either into the environment is a huge, uninformed and illegal experiment upon us, our children and wildlife!

The HPA ignores everyone who experiences symptoms caused by emissions from masts.
In my village people have been ill for 7 years (starting when an Orange mast was activated very close to their homes. They can't sell their houses, because everyone is suspicious of the mast -insomnia; headaches;nausea;dizziness; earache and noises in the ears; sore itching bloodshot eyes; ulcers in mouths and throats; strokes; raised blood pressure; nose-bleeds; 'runny' nose; etc. There are many effects, because ths emissions are pulsed at around the same wavelength as the naturally pulsed message system in our bodies and this affects every cell in the body.

I found it very hard to understand, but I know this is fact, becaues I feel the emissions in the houses affected and get nausea, dizziness and headache. I also notice them as I walk around town - I know where the masts are because of this!

PLease ask you childrens' schools to leave out the Wi-Fi, as the children could be very badly affected by it. The HPA is 'monitoring' the effects! This is an experiment on our children - that is illegal!

suwoo Sat 06-Jun-09 12:28:57


<<backs slowly away from thread>>

differentnameforthis Sat 06-Jun-09 12:29:14

What does WiFi have to do with breastfeeding....or am I missing something?

DesperateHousewifeToo Sat 06-Jun-09 12:31:36

Maybe you are using your nipples as an antenawink

TrinityRhino Sat 06-Jun-09 12:33:41

<backs away from the crazy>

MerlinsBeard Sat 06-Jun-09 12:36:49

whatever you missed, i missed it toohmm
As far as i can remember, i switched off my wireless nipples when i was bf DS3 - am a bit worried now though that i didn't?! what if i have wimax (wtf IS that?)

Kathyis6incheshigh Sat 06-Jun-09 12:40:15

Maybe it turns your milk radioactive?
In which case, is it better to ff, but what if the formula is made from milk from cows grazing in a field near an antenna?
These breast-bottle decisions are all so confusing.

MerlinsBeard Sat 06-Jun-09 12:43:16

but surely free range cows would choose to graze near a pylon rather than an orange phone mast? Size matters and all that.

bigstripeytiger Sat 06-Jun-09 12:44:35

What if you heat the bottle of formula in the microwave?
Does that make the Wi-Fi in the milk even more dangerous?

smallorange Sat 06-Jun-09 12:45:48


OldLadyKnowsNothing Sat 06-Jun-09 12:49:28

As Ben Goldacre says, the plural of anecdote is not data. hmm

StealthPolarBear Sat 06-Jun-09 12:51:59

Why was this in Breast and bottle feeding?
Too much wifi in your shreddies perhaps? wink

tiktok Sat 06-Jun-09 13:27:21

Gillflower - here's a hint or two:

Use fewer !!!!!! - they make you sound unhinged.

Read a good book on science and the use of data - How to read a paper by Tessa Greenhalgh would be a start, or <ahem> Bad Science by Ben Gooldacre.

Put a few links to non-unhinged websites in your post to allow people who want to know more to follow up.

I thank you.

tiktok Sat 06-Jun-09 13:27:52

Gooldacre = Goldacre, natch.

bigstripeytiger Sat 06-Jun-09 13:29:29


You are totally wrong angry

If you read the OPs post carefully you will realise that even taking out the !!!!!! wont stop it sounding unhinged. grin grin

tiktok Sat 06-Jun-09 13:42:05

grin at the tiger

CoteDAzur Sat 06-Jun-09 13:44:46

Hilarious OP grin

That is of course why everyone needs a tinfoil hat.

LupusinaLlamasuit Sat 06-Jun-09 13:46:17

I think we should ban space actually. Since most microwaves come from there hmmgrin

MrsFlittersnoop Sat 06-Jun-09 13:50:35

Do you live in a village called Midwich by any chance?

LupusinaLlamasuit Sat 06-Jun-09 13:58:05

Another thread just reminded me: little icon, top right of page? Full moon anyone


itwasntme Sat 06-Jun-09 14:01:34

I don't know much about science, but what I do know is this:

For three years, I lived in an apartment with a mobile phone mast on the roof. During that time, I suffered palpitations, extreme tiredness and almost constant nausea.

I moved last year and all the symptoms disappeared. Overnight.

As far as wi-fi is concerned, we do have it at home and my family has suffered no ill-effects. However our internet connection is through fibre-optics. (we're not in UK).

Bobo23 Sat 06-Jun-09 14:03:40

ooo time to don our tinfoil nipple shields!

HelloBeastie Sat 06-Jun-09 14:10:43

"The safest thing would be to have fibre optics, where emissions are enclosed and cannot attack us.... Australia is knocking down its masts and putting in Fibre Optics instead - that is what we need!"

Are you suggesting that we should have mobile phones... that use fibre optics?

Well, that certainly sounds interesting.

ThePhantomPlopper Sat 06-Jun-09 14:17:15

LOL this thread has made me ROFL.

RambleOn Sat 06-Jun-09 14:52:53

WiFi and mobile phones operate on completely different frequency ranges and at completely different power outputs. They simply cannot be spoken about in the same sentence when attributing risk from RF.

<Electronic engineer bangs down gavel>

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