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baby has wind/cant poo need help!

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ellsue Sat 06-Jun-09 10:19:59

hi my baby is 4 weeks old and is suffering terribly with wind and pooing.
Hes not constipated as is poo isnt hard i just seems to get very uncomfortable doing it!
He also seems to burp ok but has bottom wind he cant expel!
I changed his milk to aptamil easy digest 2 weeks ago as i thought this may help - but it hasnt.
Ive also bought infacol and dentinox drops but darent use any incase they cause more problems!
I have tried gripe water but doesnt seem to help.
Can anyone give me any advice as hes worse at night and im getting shattered!

weepootle Sat 06-Jun-09 10:34:08

If you google baby massage you should get plenty of tips. Lying baby on his back and bringing his knees up to his chest used to work wonders for my dd. For constipation you use your left hand to firmly push down his tummy from chest to hip (on his left side) and right hand to do the same on his right side.

Googling will explain it much better and you may get diagrams.

Hope you find some help. smile

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