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Thinking of weaning 7 month old from breast to formula but not sure it is the best thing for us.

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suiledonn Sat 06-Jun-09 09:47:25

DD2 is almost 7 months old. I started her on solids around 24 weeks as I felt she was ready and she is really enjoying her food. She is on lumpy mashed foods now and some finger foods.

The breast feeding has suffered though. She has gradually been refusing to feed during the day and yesterday she refused to feed from 7 am until around 5 pm yesterday evening when she had a quick 'snack'. She snacked a few times before bed but then woke every 2 hours to feed in the night. I have a 3 year old as well and am completely exhausted. I feed her lying down at night but I am getting to the stage where I really need some hours continuous sleep or I fear for my health. I had PND after dd1 so don't want to end of getting depressed due to lack of sleep. Also, I am regularly getting blocked ducts and soreness these days because she often latches on, stimulates let down and then won't feed and my supply is all over the place.

She is very distracted by dd1 and everything around her so I am wondering if she would prefer to drink a bottle now so she could be sitting up more looking around. I know there is no way to know for sure but if she was drinking more in the day surely she would drop some of the night feeds.

I am clueless about formula. How much, how often and when for a 7 month old on 3 meals a day.

Sorry for the long rambling post - exhausted this morning.

Jennylee Sat 06-Jun-09 15:42:37

From what it says on formula packet they can have as little as 3 bottle feeds a day of seven ounce bottles, but to do it on demand is better I would think so they can regulate it themselves, nto a ff at the moment so someone else probably knows better

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