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Dropping the late night feed when weaning

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thomasina1 Fri 05-Jun-09 14:43:15

Not sure whether to post here or under weaning but I'll give it a try!

DD is 7 months and is now taking 3 really good solid meals a day. She has dropped 2 daytime milk feeds so is now having 3 milk feeds in 24 hours - 7am, 7pm and 11pm (all breastfeeds). The thing is that I'd like to get rid of the 11pm one but I'm pretty sure she still needs that amount of milk overall in 24 hrs so would ideally like her to have an extra feed during the day instead (maybe mid afternoon). Not sure how to do it though!

I tried to continue with the afternoon feed and still offer it but she really won't take anything. Also I offer milk before each solid feed but again she isn't interested.

Maybe I will just try stopping the 11pm feed and hope that she makes up for it during the day... hopefully not in the middle of the night!

Any advice would be welcome!

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