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Peer Supporters - do they make a difference?

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kazbeth Fri 05-Jun-09 10:34:15

I've just noticed that they have started a peer supporter initiative in my area and am thinking of volunteering. But I was just wondering if it's worthwhile. Do peer supporters actually help or are they not qualified enough? I guess at the very least you'd be able to point someone in the right direction (ie proper councillors) if there is a problem you can't help with wouldn't you.

angelbymoonlight Fri 05-Jun-09 16:00:06

Hi I was a volunteer peer supporter in my area until I returned to work. Yes it is worthwhile and my local PCT actually provided training and we were given volunteer badges so we could be identified as a peer supporter.

Also the rush you get from helping another mum who may be struggling is fantastic.

I was very lucky as that is how I got my current job which I love.


kazbeth Fri 05-Jun-09 16:50:10

thanks angelbymoonlight, I've emailed them so hopefully they'll get back to me soon

SparklingSarah Sat 06-Jun-09 20:31:51

yes very much so, seen lots of peer supporters who just give a little advice and it goes a long way.

CherryChoc Sat 06-Jun-09 21:02:03

Well think of it this way, you'll likely be more informed about bf than the average health visitor, who would be most peoples' first port of call.

elkiedee Sat 06-Jun-09 23:58:32

angel, what is your current job and is it related or did the experience just help towards getting it?

I'm going to go to some sort of open morning thing to find out more about a local training course in the autumn myself so am quite interested in hearing about others' experiences of peer supporter training too.

dinkystinky Sun 07-Jun-09 17:56:50

Yes - they're brilliant. When I gave birth to DS1 the hospital were more than useless with establishing breastfeeding - the only reason I managed to breastfeed DS1 was because an angel of a peer supporter (who I'd made contact with before DS1 was born) came up to the hospital and spent hours with me helping to establish breastfeeding. I'll be eternally grateful to her. Its a really wonderful thing to do.

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