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My period's returned and my BF-ed DD is only 14 weeks. What's going on?

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BettyFriedan Thu 04-Jun-09 23:19:48

Have esclusively BFed DD and thought I wouldnt have a period for months - then today - nasty surprise. Does this mean all is ok? DD has gone for long periods at night without feeding for a while (although mysteriously started 2am and 5am feeds again this week - could that be related?

ellerman Thu 04-Jun-09 23:23:05

Mine returned at 11 weeks despite breastfeeding day and night. In previous children it was around 8 / 9 months. I read in that book "what to expect in the first year", that having lots of excess weight, me 4 stone - can increase the amount of oestrogen in your system and encourage earlier return of periods, could find nothing anywher else about this , - felt very cheated

missmama Thu 04-Jun-09 23:30:29

Mine returned at 12 weeks sad

Was a lot longer than that with my older two, But I was a lot younger and slimmer then.
Ellerman, I had not seen that before - looks like more incentive to loose some (lets just pretend its 'some' OK) weight before the next one shock

BettyFriedan Thu 04-Jun-09 23:32:25

oh dear hope its age, need to shift about a stone but was kidding myself that that wasnt too bad at that stage. Do have mild PCOS as well - I wonder if that is part of it?

Is it bad for the babe/BFing though if this happens?

TheCrackFox Thu 04-Jun-09 23:35:40

Mine returned at 11 weeks and TBH I felt cheated.

BettyFriedan Thu 04-Jun-09 23:47:47

I feel definitely cheated!
But more worried about a) if this affects supply/ability to feed or b) whether it says anything about future fertility?

missmama Fri 05-Jun-09 00:02:19

I would think if you have your period then you are fertile now?

Some people say they think the milk tastes different when you are menstruating, but how would they know?

My nipples are very tender during bfing on my period but not (quite) enough to make me want to stop.

BettyFriedan Fri 05-Jun-09 09:21:42

Hi missmama
what i meant but didnt explain well was i had great difficulty getting pregnant and i wondered if getting periods back quickly meant that was all related to infertility - whether past or future....

BonsoirAnna Fri 05-Jun-09 09:24:18

My first period after giving birth arrived precisely six weeks to the day. I fully breastfed my DD for months. It is very dependent on the individual.

BouncingTurtle Fri 05-Jun-09 09:58:49

Mine returned at 9 weeks!

loobylu3 Fri 05-Jun-09 12:27:41

It's absolutely nothing to worry about and unrelated to your previous subfertility. Sometimes, with PCOS, having a baby seems to 'kick start' regular periods again so make sure you use contraception if you don't want another one straight away!!

Claire2009 Fri 05-Jun-09 12:29:48

Mine returned at 12wks, I got pregnant after my first period after Dd.

sleepwhenidie Fri 05-Jun-09 12:36:18

I had no PCOS probs, no unusual weight gain and mine returned after 6 wks when fully bf DS. Very unfair! GP was pretty surprised too! However I continued bf him with no problems until 9m and I got pregnant within 1 month of trying for next baby about 2 yrs later. Periods returned this time when DD was 24 weeks and I fell pg again, accidentally, when she was 10m, after taking 1 chance, by coincidence the day I stopped bf shock! so I wouldn't worry about supply or fertility, you (we) are just unlucky wink

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