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One breast bigger than the other?

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mamaeyes Thu 04-Jun-09 20:05:59

DS is 7 months old and has been EBF. He is certainly thriving, even more so since introducing solids in the last month (he's a BLW boy). He's feeding 4 times in a 24 hour period and sleeping through from 7 till 6 (with a dream feed). So far, so good.

I had hoped to breast-feed indefinitely, but my courage in this decision has started to waver. My left breast is about a G and my right a C - it is only in the last month that the difference has become very evident and I'm growing increasingly self-conscious. When expressing, I definitely have more milk in my left breast. DS feeds from both breasts for about the same amount of time daily, so I've got no idea how this has come about. I've tried keeping DS on my right breast for longer and reducing the time on the left breast to even things out, but this has just lead to blocked milk ducts in the left which has only increased the size and made things very uncomfortable.

I don't want vanity to be the reason for stopping breast-feeding, but this is starting to impact on my relationship (from my perspective, not because DH is intimidated by my mahoosive left breast) and my confidence when out and about, as it is just so obvious.

So - does anyone have any suggestions on how to; a.) reduce the size of one breast or b.) increase the size of the other. OR, any reassurance that when I do stop breast-feeding, they will even out (they were even pre-preg!)

Thank you!

tsom Thu 04-Jun-09 22:23:30

I have had this with all 3 ds and common amongst my BF friends too. Seems that babies often have a favorite side. I don't know that there is much you can do other than what you've already tried but mine have always returned to roughly the same size after I finished BF. I think it becomes less noticeable even whilst you are still feeding as your breasts decrease in size as solids become more established

pulapula Sun 07-Jun-09 21:24:36

My left breast has been bigger than the right since i BF my first DC, as i tended to favour that side so my right hand was free (eating food, phone, tv remote etc). It stayed a cup size bigger when not pg and also leaks more and i can express more. I did try to feed more on the right this time round to try and balance them up, but not sure it's worked yet.

poguemahone Mon 08-Jun-09 05:33:48

I had this too. I noticed this a couple of months ago and put it down to DS latching onto the same side during the night as we always slept in the same position.

Over the last month, since he's started to sleep in his own cot (for reasons unrelated to my uneven boobs) my breasts have evened outgrin. I did also try to feed more from the smaller side but I was too scared of mastitis to do this with any gusto.

madameovary Mon 08-Jun-09 06:48:06

I have this too, left breast noticeably bigger. The right produces milk but never gets full or engorged. DD is 14 months but loves the boob, mainly for comfort now as solids well established.

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