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not sure if doing this right at all.

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booyhoo Thu 04-Jun-09 17:23:15

ds2 is 8 days old and until yesterday was feeding roughly every 3 hours and settling in between no problem but since yesterday has been looking fed every hour or more frequent but he is bringing up mouthfulls of milk after the feeds now, now i know this is normal except the miwife told me he should be feeding every 3 hours. so do i continue to feed when he wants it or could he just be looking the comfort and if so, is it so bad to just let him feed for comfort. last nite i brought him into the bed with us because he just wouldnt settle between feeds, am i going to have to do this every nite or will he get used to settling by himself in the cot. i bf ds1 and he slept and settled in the cot no problem frm a few days old so this is all a bit different. any advice would be great

TheProvincialLady Thu 04-Jun-09 17:31:26

Your MW is wrong and you are right - it is perfectly normal and healthy. It is certainly not unusual for babies not to settle in between feeds and to need to sleep with you at night. My children were the other way round to yours - ds1 needed to sleep with me, fed all the time and wouldn't settle, whereas ds2 surprised me by feeding very infrequently and sleeping by himself at night.

I say, go with what your baby tells you rather than your MW! He is the expert.


Fillyjonk Thu 04-Jun-09 17:34:23


he is very very small! And all babies are different, of course.

feed him when he wants and you will not go far wrong, I promise you.

There is NOTHING wrong with letting him feed for comfort, though I doubt, at 8 days, he even has seperate notions of comfort vs hunger. He is feeding a lot because he has a need to feed a lot.

tbh, especially in the early days, I do what is needed for everyone to get sleep, including taking them into bed with me. I always found I had a much better night's sleep-the baby was there and so could be fed without me getting out of bed.

midwives often have very odd ideas about breastfeeding, sadly, so do health visitors sad.

good luck.

booyhoo Thu 04-Jun-09 17:43:07

thanks for comments, i had an idea she was being a bit broad wit er ideas, will dance to babys tune. excuse typos as bfing atm.

LovelyTinOfSpam Thu 04-Jun-09 17:45:04

Oooh I was feeding much more frequently than every 3 hours when DD was tiny.

She has always been a good sleeper though so the whole rod for your own back if you feed/cuddle them too often stuff is rubbish IMO.

Trust your instincts, and all will be well smile

CherryChoc Thu 04-Jun-09 17:53:40

Hello Congratulations on your new DS

If you bring him into your bed, are you aware of the safe co-sleeping guidelines? It's perfectly okay to do this (DS co-slept with us full time from birth to 3 months and since then has been in and out of our bed and a bedside crib) as long as you understand how to minimise the risks. Also, don't worry about him never getting out of your bed, think about what you want now, not later, you can always make changes later if you want to.

booyhoo Thu 04-Jun-09 18:48:20

yes i am aware, i had the chat dfrom the midwife at hosp and got leafles durind and after he was born. thanks for link though.

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