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Any advice on persuading a fully BF 3 month old to take a bottle?

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loobylu3 Thu 04-Jun-09 09:22:25

Have BF DC3 exclusively since birth but would really like her to take one feed from the bottle (expressed and later formula) as I will have to go back to work within the first year. Have tried her with a bottle of expressed milk (Avent teats used by her older sibs) but no success at all.
Can anybody recommend better teats for BF babies and let me know where I would buy them or give any other advice?
Much appreciated!!

mrsDA Thu 04-Jun-09 09:55:36

hi there
ive had the same predicament. my baby is now 20 weeks old and refuses to take a bottle. i had success with breastflow bottles for a bit. so u could give those a go?

luxlisbon Thu 04-Jun-09 10:37:29

Hi, my DD has always had 1 bottle a day but it otherwise bf. She is fine with the Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature bottles, I'd really recommend them. When I look at her latched onto them her mouth makes the same shape as when she is latched onto me so I think thats why she finds it easy.

TomThumbMum Thu 04-Jun-09 10:42:29

Same as luxlisbon, my ds (7wks) will take a closer to nature bottle. He refuses the avent bottles.

FlyingMonkey Thu 04-Jun-09 10:54:13

We use Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles and have had no problems.

loobylu3 Thu 04-Jun-09 10:54:14

Do you think Mothercare stocks the tt closer to nature teats??

loobylu3 Thu 04-Jun-09 10:57:39

Thx a lot for replying. Can I just check, have your DCs used the bottles from birth/ a few weeks or were they introduced later on? I only asked because my other 2 had one bottle/ day from around 6 and 3 weeks old and they were fine with the Avent ones. I think the timing must make a difference!

luxlisbon Thu 04-Jun-09 10:57:57

looby - yes, Mothercare do, was in there yesterday. Asda also have them and probably Tesco aswell.

FlyingMonkey Thu 04-Jun-09 10:58:12

I should think so. If not, try Boots or Tesco.

Alternatively, go to the Tommee Tippee website and register. I did and go an email with a 25% off promotion code. You also get free P&P if you spend over a certain amount (can't remember how much I'm afraid).

luxlisbon Thu 04-Jun-09 11:02:57

My DD had a bottle on day 1, was a horrible hospital thing. Since then she has had the Tommee Tippee almost everyday. She has tried Avent ones when we stayed with friends and hated them, but that could just be because it wasn't what she was used to IYSWIM.

Maybe just buy one and see if you have any luck, this is them at Mothercare.

My DD is 3.5 months and she is still on teat 1, btw.

loobylu3 Thu 04-Jun-09 12:16:44

Those do look much better than the Avent ones- defo worth a try!

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