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Any advice on wind in a 6 month old?

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charliejess22 Wed 03-Jun-09 20:09:34

My baby has been bottle fed since 12 weeks. He has always had bad wind which has taken a while to come up, when he was younger and he went for a nap he would ALWAYS wake up after 30 mins with bad wind which he brought up as soon as I picked him up. I tried everything, infacol, gripe water, bigger and smaller teats, winding him for a long time after each feed and nothing worked. He 'grew out' of it at about 22 weeks but now, at 6 months as started getting really bad wind again. He is on solids now and still having bottles of milk and every night when he goes to bed, he wakes up between 1 and 2 hours after really crying and he always brings wind or sick up when I pick him up ...... any ideas?
Thanks Jess

omaoma Wed 03-Jun-09 23:38:31

um no.... i'm really sorry, but wanted to offer sympathy! my five-month-old always gets bad wind when she has a bottle (normally bf) and will occasionally just get days when something's trapped and only an hour of walking up and down with her will shift it. that's the only thing that works - walk up and down with her on a shoulder. i think that despite millions of years of evolution babies basically find it hard to do the basic task of digesting food and it gives them wind...
one thing i would suggest is possibly to change the position you're feeding him in. i notice that my daughter gets worse wind when my parents are staying to help me - which is when i bf her sitting up becos i want to be sociable and chat (normally i lie down with her in the bedroom). i wonder if it's the position that makes her gulp or something...

charliejess22 Thu 04-Jun-09 19:32:20

thanks for your message, at least someone else is in the same situation as me

i was thinking about the position too, will have to see what happens when I feed him in different positions!

Thanks again!

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