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Nipple query

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MoshiMoshi Wed 03-Jun-09 12:25:36

(sorry this is so long when it is about a nipple!)

Before breastfeeding I used to have flat but responsive nipples and was able to breastfeed my DCs 1 and 2 easily. DC1 had a preference for one side which meant that it turned into a Super-boob which continued to be a Super-boob with fast let down for DC2. DC3 would not breastfeed and I ended up expressing for 5 months instead as I was keen to get as much EBM into her as her siblings (who had been breastfed for 9 months and a year).

DC4 (6 weeks today) has been feeding well off the Super-boob and I have expressed from the other side to maintain supply. I have been trying to get her onto the other side but she has not been able to get onto it up to now as the nipple is significantly enlarged compared with the other one. I also had to resort to using a nipple shield after having to bottle feed EBM to DC4 when she was 4 days old in order to get her to breastfeed again and the milk transfer was not good.

I wasn't too worried about it up till now as this was also an issue for DC2 who was not able to feed from that side until she was 6 weeks old. However, I am concerned as I have noticed that the nipple seems bigger than it used to be and also DC4 does not seem able to get much milk and gets frustrated as a result. We manage about 5 minutes before I have to switch sides.

I have my 6 week post-natal check with the Dr this week and will ask about my nipple but wanted to see if anyone had any idea whether this is usual? It seems to be that the nipple has become larger and much harder over the years than it used to be, in particular, when I compare it with my other side which has remained as it always used to be. And if you have read this far and still feel moved to respond, you are an angel. Thanks in advance for any replies!

Chulita Wed 03-Jun-09 15:21:03

bumping for you

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