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Have any of you 'stopped' bfeeding but still feed during the night if necessary?

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nomorechoc Tue 02-Jun-09 21:00:36

Another bfeeding qn..
i mean, officially you have stopped bfeeding - ie DC has bottles in morning and at night, or whatever; but you still bfeed during the night, either for comfort or because you co-sleep.
i'm wondering whether this may be a viable solution as my DC still wakes lots at night.. and if he wont take a bottle/cup of milk in the day then maybe i'll have to make sure he gets all his calcium another way..

giantkatestacks Tue 02-Jun-09 21:05:06

I think all that will happen then is that your dc will swap over his night and day feeding and start waking every couple of hours to get his milk on board...

I would always stop feeding in the night before stopping in the day.

nomorechoc Tue 02-Jun-09 21:17:32

meant to add that he is 13months so doesnt actually need to be feeding as eats loads of solids

littlelamb Tue 02-Jun-09 21:21:54

Funnily enough, last week ds seemed to want to stop bfing. He refused the breast and I went through hell with engorgement. He is 1 next week. After about 4 days of doing htis, he suddenly started refusing bottles and rooting for the breast again. He was another one who woke up a lot at night. The formula didn't help. But since he's started having breast milk again he is sleeping 7 til 7 shock I have no explination whatsoever. I think he's seen the other side and decided to stick to what he knows wink
I had reconciled myself to stopping and tbh was in two minds about whether to let him restart but we are both still happy doing it, and the extra sleep is a bonus. fwiw, he hardly fed at all today in the day so I can see that we will be boob-free in the day long before we stop at night.

crokky Tue 02-Jun-09 21:21:56

If you want to cut feeding, you should cut the night feeds out. When I stopped feeding DD at 12m, I stopped the evening and night feeds first. This was very successful because she still had the comfort of bf, but did not associate it with sleep and night waking. With DS (my first baby) I cut the night stuff out last and it was IMO a mistake (also 12m). They wake up and want to bf if they are still fed at night. It is a vicious circle. Just my opinion, hope it helps.

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