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want to stop bfeeding my 1y old but he's having NONE of it- Help!

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nomorechoc Tue 02-Jun-09 20:55:25

he finds it sooo comforting (can be a bit anxious) and isnt taking to any type of bottle/cup - is there any type that he may like?
what can i do to comfort him?

bluepanda Tue 02-Jun-09 22:07:07

Try the very simple tommy tippee cups, but it does take time to get them used to it. I started offering water with meals and cut down gradually in the day by distracting him with toys/ walks etc and making sure he had his naps when we were out and about so he didn't try rooting for booby! Cut out the morning feed a couple of months ago (he is 14 mo by the way) by making sure I took snacks like raisins upstairs with me. Still trying to lose the bedtime feed though - like you I think it is more comfort than anything else.
Good luck - you've done brilliantly!

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