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cup feeding, any tips?

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mrsDA Mon 01-Jun-09 14:12:09

hi all
im back at work in 4 weeks and my baby will not take a bottle of ebm. any tips? ive heard doidy cups are good. she's going to be at nursery 4 days a week, so im desperate for her to take cups or did u go about it? she's 20 weeks at present and im not weaning at present, shes not ready.

Mij Mon 01-Jun-09 15:10:00


Sorry being quick cos gotta run out, but

1. Doidy cup worth a try IME
2. Does your DD refuse a bottle from anyone, or just from you? Cos when breasts aren't an option, a lot of babies will take a bottle from another caregiver (damn them!) and when they see other babies using them.
3. Your desperation (while completely understandable) may be rubbing off. If you want to keep trying a bottle (or anything else, actually) try to find a time when you're feeling chilled about it, or give your DP or other caregiver the task and make sure you're out of the house when it happens!
4. Have you tried a different design bottle/teat? If you can borrow (rather than buy) and alternative style it may be worth a try.

Mij Mon 01-Jun-09 15:10:47

Oh, and lastly - if she's a particularly independent child you could try letting her hold the bottle herself. My DD was much happier when given that opportunity.

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