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Please can you help, teething/feeding question

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madameovary Mon 01-Jun-09 11:10:59

14 MO DD is teething and has very little appetite for solids ATM. She has had a temperature the last couple of days and is very whingy and clingy and glued to boob. I only have 1 functioning boob and am concerned she is not getting enough to eat or drink. She has taken some water.

Last night I warmed up some frozen EBM for her and she wolfed it down.

I have some unopened goats milk formula - could I start to give her this ot is it too late? I have about half a dozen 3oz bags of frozen EBM but this wont last.

Also have goats milk in fridge, could she just have that? And could it be cold? The heat is obv not helping.

She also has dry red patches on her legs, dont seem itchy but not sure if these are teething related either.

Mij Mon 01-Jun-09 15:15:36

I'm afraid I know nothing about formula so can't help on that, but if cow's milk is OK for over 12 months old, wouldn't the same apply to goat's milk, and I'm assuming it's pasturised..?

Wram or cold is your/your DD's choice I would think.

If you're usually demand feeding, she'll let you know if she's hungry, no? Is she having lots (well, enough) wet nappies still or are you worried about dehydration?

As long as she's getting BM on demand, and it doesn't go on for many more days, I'd play it by ear and, while keeping an eye on other indicators of her health of course, keep offering morsels of her favourite foods but be led by her. She's still getting lots of nutrients from you...

madameovary Mon 01-Jun-09 16:19:44

Thanks Mij - she has eaten some solids so thats good, nappies not as wet as I would have thought so will be keeping an eye on them.

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