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Breast Feeding Project for 1st Year Medical Students

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highlander Sat 07-May-05 21:55:32

as part of my course (if I can pluck up the courage to leave DS), I'm going to have to do a 'special study' option. Most of the options look a bit w*nk - running around with paramedics etc etc.

This could be a good chance to get medics interested in BF. But it has to be educational so that 18 year olds following me in later years can get to the core of BF issues.

But, how to go about it?? Spend some time sitting in on ante-natal classes followed by an obstetrics unit followed by community time?

moondog Sat 07-May-05 22:07:30

i have a very good contact (member of ABM) who does a lot of work educating doctors on benefits of breastfeeding. She would be great to talk too!
I can tell you her name now if you want (she wouldn't mind-is very well known in the ABM.

Actually, some other fabulous people in ABM in my part of the country who would be delighted to help you,i am sure!

highlander Sat 07-May-05 22:09:13

ooh, moondog that would be fab!

I have to stress that I'm still very unsure about a return to Uni in Sept and I may not go!

moondog Sat 07-May-05 22:14:27

highlander,do you have access to the ABM magazine? If so,look for Eilir Jones and Sharon Breward (based in Gwynedd,Wales). Their contact numbers will be there (or on the website).
Eilir organises a b/feeding conference every year in our big teaching hospital, and does a lot of work in schools (I have gone in with her and dd and shown the kids what b/feeding look like! LOL)
and with Sure Start.

Sharon, in one person's words 'lives for breatfeeding'.

Mention me if you talk to Eilir (she'll know who I am when you say you were chatting with a woman in Turkey!)

Are you going to uni to study medicine then?

highlander Sat 07-May-05 22:17:41

ABM mag? Do you mean the BMA rag that comes out every week?

moondog Sat 07-May-05 22:20:50

No! lol!!
Association for Breastfeeding Mothers.
Magazine is online. Can't remember exact addtress but ABM will do it. Let me know if you have problems. I'd give you the numbers myself,but am abroad and all my back copies are in the UK.

highlander Sat 07-May-05 22:30:34

aha! will definitely look into it - cheers!

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