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Betnovate cream used on breasts - can I still breastfeed?

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Wilkiepedia Sat 30-May-09 20:15:24

Am 37+6, have got a horrific pregnancy rash called PUPPPS which has meant that until delivery and possibly after, I need to apply a strong topical steroid cream called Betnovate to the rash which is covering my body, including my breasts and nipples.

I had planned on attempting to BF this time (FF my DS1) but am concerned a) will the steroid cream have contaminated the milk in my breasts and b) obv wouldn't be able to use the cream if DS2 is BFing which would mean the rash would be unbearable.

What can I do (if anything) or do I need to resign myself to FFing? Any suggestions?

doulalc Sun 31-May-09 16:06:03

Betnovate is quite potent, especially if you are using it for awhile....two things you could try. Ask your gp about switching to a more moderate steroid and see if you still get enough relief, or wait and see how things are in regard to the PUPPS after delivery. You may be able to switch at that time to something like prednisone, or an even milder one such as hydrocortisone, or you may actually find your PUPPS clears relatively quickly afterwards.

If used for a short time after birth, a moderate or mild steroid should not be an issue. You can apply just a small amount right after a feeding.

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