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Need to wean 9mo DD onto formula - how?

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oopsacoconut Sat 30-May-09 15:33:48

I have to have some pretty strong medication from Monday to stabilise a very hyperthyroid. I have been told that the dose I need to take for the next 8 weeks is too high to take whilst BF so need to get a bottle refusing DD onto a bottle.

Any tips? we have tried a bottle with formula this afternoon but she just spits it out and tries to latch onto my shirtsad

Also how many feeds a day will she need and how much? she pretty much BF's on demand and for comfort, about 5 proper feeds a day.


StealthPolarBear Sat 30-May-09 15:46:06

I'd say double check the advice, I think hunker's site has a good bit about bf and medication.
If you still do need to wean then I think the advice is to leave her for a day with someone else and she will have the milk eventually Does she have a cup for water - could you try that to get her used to the taste? Sorry you are having to go through this

StealthPolarBear Sat 30-May-09 15:46:42

OK ignore that link, I thought my mind had gone blank and it had! Will correct in a sec

tiktok Sat 30-May-09 15:54:04

coconut, ask for a second opinion, and do your own web research and share results with the doctor. The usual meds for hyperthyroidism are not unsafe with bf....especially not with an older baby. is a useful site.

oopsacoconut Sat 30-May-09 18:54:20

Thanks Tiktok

Unfortunately I have a very HCP trusting Dh - this Consultant was involved in research into BM and anti-thyroids many years ago and not very pro BF as he told me that BF past 6 month was only for 3rd world countries where women 'had' to feed to give their children any nutrition hmm shock- so he is very against me taking any chance with DD. Which I can fully understand. I just can't take the pressure of knowing what 'might' affect DD. The PCT won't test her thyroid function if I do carry on feeding as it is my choice.

Now how do I stop my very large breasts exploding? I am going to feed her tonight in the night as normal and give her last BF in bed tomorrow morning when we have our cuddle.sadsad sad sad

tiktok Sat 30-May-09 19:10:47 the meds is not to take a risk, swapping to formula is the risk, given what we know of the health impact of infant feeding.

I know the 'world' does not see it that way, and clearly the consultant does not

But that's the biology of it.

I'm assuming you've looked at the evidence for the meds' safety? I don't know what meds you are prescribed, so can't comment specifically.

If you decide to stop, then it has to be done gradually, for your comfort....tailing off rather than stopping suddenly is better, if you are ok about that.

Good luck whatever you decide and I'm a bit for you, even so!

oopsacoconut Sun 31-May-09 20:18:38

Tiktok Have spoken to the other consultant today and he said they are only concerned as the studies have only been on doses upto 750mg and I am on 800mg so they are just being cautious. He gave me the okay to feed her 12 hours after my last meds(evening dose) and before my morning dose. I am going to pump and dump in the middle. I know this will affect my supply but will start feeding her again to hopefully build my supply once they reduce the dose after my first lot of bloods. 4 weeks and counting. I won't give up as I know she needs it and the less formula she has the better I feel.

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