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Does the average 8 month old need a night feed?

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highlander Sat 07-May-05 18:44:39

I suspect DS is ready to go without booby at night. He's well established on solids 3 times/day, but with no dairy yet.

At night he'll usually take a reasonable size feed (no set time, can't predict it) but once he's done that any other wakenings can be dealt with by rocking etc etc by DH (yahoo!!!!).

Obviously I would like to encourage him to do without this feed, but I'm very unsure as to how I can be confident that he doesn't need it.

On Wed and Thurs night I didn't give him boob, and there was a bit of a battle to settle him. DH has had far more success as DS just goes bananas if I try. Last night, however he slept for 8 hours , and I fed him when he woke. He woke up again an hour later and DH settled him very, very quickly (DS apparently had a big burp).

So maybe he does need this feed?

hunkermunker Sat 07-May-05 18:55:24

Does he drink water, Highlander? He may just be thirsty. How much does he breastfeed/eat during the day?

Twiglett Sat 07-May-05 18:57:58

well if he's fully weaned he definitely doesn't 'need' it as such

but tbh it didn't bother me that much when DD was waking up for a feed, because she woke at 3am religiously, fed for 5 mins and went straight back to sleep

I did worry that it was time she slept through, because DS had been sleeping through since 5 months old but was convinced that it wasn't a problem still feeding her because it wasn't bothering me

she slept through from just under 10 months old naturally so I never had to go through sleep training with her

is there a reason you haven't introduced dairy btw?

zebraX Sat 07-May-05 19:01:54

My feeling is that if the baby is impossible to settle that's because they really do "need" the night feed, they really are that hungry/thirsty, they haven't read the baby books saying they "aren't supposed" to eat or drink at night. I mean, you go 11-12 hours without a drink or bite to eat at night, don't you?

highlander Sat 07-May-05 19:26:12

HM - yes, he taked water from a sippy cup at mealtimes. Reluctant to try this at night as the sippy doesn't have a valve and it can be a bit messy!

In Canada, we're told not to introduce dairy until 9 months, once the concept of solids is established and any constipation issues are dealt with. Seems sensible!

Zebra - funny, that was my thinking. I drink at least a big glass of water during the night.

mears Sat 07-May-05 20:00:18

highlander - my ds3 did not give up night feed until 8 months. One night he didn't wake for it and that was that. I personally would't give water in place of a breastfeed during the night because that replaces one habit with another.

If he gets up, feeds and goes back down I would just continue doing that for a while longer. Perhaps at least until he is established on dairy foos.

I am amazed at you missus - remember those early posts before you had him?

highlander Sat 07-May-05 20:51:36

ah yes, the 'I don't want a baby' days, soon followed by the 'I'm not BF and I'll get him in nursery at 3 months' days

he does love his booby scoff!

The night feed continues then!

dinny Sat 07-May-05 20:57:25

Highlander, will be thinking of you when up feeding my ds! (though time difference will make that problematic!) Those boys, hey? [smile}

highlander Sat 07-May-05 21:03:05

dinny, the time difference was fantastic for watching the election results on TV!

dinny Sat 07-May-05 21:05:00

v handy are you back at work yet Highlander? seeing the due Sept 2005 thread makes me feel sooooo nostalgic. worried am getting broody again!

highlander Sat 07-May-05 21:31:48

we're returning to the UK (hopefully) in mid-June. I've a place at medical school starting at the end of Sept, but I'm really, really reluctant to leave DS for any length of time . BUT I need to get out and do something! The other alternative is leave it until DS is 18 months and try returning to science then. I don't don't know any p-t scientists though. One of the other MNs is a doctor and she says once I'm through med school it will be pretty easy to go p-t, which is unheard of in research science!

what to do, what to do........

I read somewhere else you're back soon dinny?

I am so not broody - I keep getting awful flashbacks to when DS was a tiny, bawling baby - never again!! Should we expect 3 int he Dinny family then?

dinny Sun 08-May-05 10:21:31

oh, exciting. where are you going to med school? are you looking forward to coming back here?
no way - no plans for number three! can barely cope with two!

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