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Leaving my breastfed baby for a couple of days - milk supply question

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Pam70 Thu 05-May-05 21:15:44

Dh wants me to go away with him for a night just the 2 of us, however, I'm still breastfeeding DD (8 months).

She's down to 3 feeds a day, morning, afternoon and bedtime. Occasionally she wakes up at 5am and I'll feed her from one breast and settle her back until it's time to get up.

What I want to know is because I'm only down to 3 feeds a day now, will my supply reduce really quickly if I'm away for a couple of days and not expressing? Or will I need to carry my expresser and express more frequently than the 3 times she feeds to keep my supply up?

Also if my mum gives DD formula while I'm away - what size teats should she be using - I only have newborn teats as the last time she was bottle fed was a few months back. Should we go for medium flow now she is older?


Fran1 Thu 05-May-05 21:29:24

You ought to give the odd bottle now so that she gets used to it, and you can also work out what teats she likes. My dd so rarely had a bottle we used the newborn ones all along! She doesn't necessarily need a bottle now, your mum could give her milk from a beaker, depends how much your dd will rely on it for comfort.

I recently gave up bf my two year old who was on a bedtime feed and occasional night feeds. Even after a few days of not feeding, i still had milk there and dd would start again. I imagine she probably had to work harder to get a decent feed which then built my supply up again.

Depends how you feel, if you defintitely don't want to give up bf it might be a good idea to express once or twice whilst you are away. If you are considering giving up soon, then it could be a good time to do it!

Have fun!

zebraX Thu 05-May-05 21:32:27

won't she take a cup? or a beaker?

You might get very uncomfortable ifyou don't express while you're away....

Fran1 Thu 05-May-05 21:35:25

Oh thats something i meant to say, when my dd started feeding few days on, few days off i didn't get any discomfort. To me my boobs had gone back to normal, and i was convinced there was no milk there until dd proved me wrong each time!

spod Thu 05-May-05 22:51:10

i stopped bf my 18 month old a few weeks ago... theres still milk there!

Harrie Thu 05-May-05 23:03:52

I had the same senario, but I was already giving my daughter a bottle, hence I knew which teats to use. I think trying her with a bottle before you go is a good idea to make sure of the size teats and to ensure she will take it from a bottle as some babies refuse bottles altogether. I would pack your breast pump just in case you are in discomfort and also for reassurance that you are keeping your milk up for her. That way you can enjoy yourself without worrying. You shouldn't need to pump any extra to the the three feeds that she has, pumping extra may increase your milk supply. My eight month old was on size four 'avent' teats (has a picture of four droplets)Enjoy your weekend.

MarsLady Thu 05-May-05 23:03:59

Med flow teats.
Your supply will still be okay when you get back. You may need to feed DD a little more often.
You may want to express whilst you are away for comfort.

Go, enjoy! It'll be good for you both. Left the DTs with DH and all was well on my return.

Pam70 Fri 06-May-05 17:34:07

Thanks for the advice - will get some medium flow teats and try her on them before we go.

I do want to continue breastfeeding until she turns a year and hopefully switch over to a cup then. Would like to hear from anyone who's successfully done this!



Cooperoo Fri 06-May-05 18:54:39

FWIW dd would take milk from a beaker from 5 months and never took a bottle. (I b/f for 12 months). Why not try going straight for a beaker if she is not used to a bottle atm. One less thing to worry about later. Just an idea, feel free to ignore. Have a great time.

moondog Fri 06-May-05 18:57:49

Pam,my just 10 mth old is using a cup (which I hold obviously!)
Down to one b/feed a day (his choice) and water the rest of the time.
Tried him on an Avent spout thing but he just chewed it,hence the cup.
(He used to have bottles of EBM when smaller)
DOidy cups are good-slanted at brim so easier to drink from. Urchin sell them.

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